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  1. Natit_Uni won't open?

    Sounds like running on AMD without having used the amd-patcher (which should be obsolete if you used the right install-packages) Did you choose the AMD-enabled Package from the JaS AMD.INTEL.SSE2.SSE3 DVD for sure? I found this on Genius Bar - Misc :(didn't read it tho) http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?s=&...st&p=178521 Perhaps this is the way to go...
  2. Asrock 775Dual VSTA

    Hi people. Hi m.muller: i installed the 2.40 bios. System profiler still only sees one core, but in the activity monitor there are two graphs, so i think this should be okay. Another topic: I have problems with my graphic card. It's an MSI X1650Pro-256MB-PCIe-Card. I wanted to use ATIinject/Natit/Titan/modbin-installer. It never worked. No matter how often i tried. I thougt it was because my graphic card is 1650 not 1600. Just in the last few days (and today) i found out, that i was wrong. On my mothers pc i had installed 10.4.7 already, and made a spare partition for 10.4.8. This pc is i915p-based and works quite well. So i installed 10.4.8 straight from my latest DVD. After the installation i restarted and everything went fine. I then put my X1650Pro-Card into that PC and installed modbins1650agp installer. It worked straight away. Then i thought it might be the monitor, but my TFT-Screen works flawless over there (even though VGA-only; no DVI). Then i redid everything on my pc, but it didn't help. I can never get to work my Card. I tried something like 150 times and really spent hours with the whole stuff, but i can't get it to work. I only get vertical stripes after booting with any solution, thats supposed to work. It must be something in relation to the mainboard. So it's either the VIA-Chipset or it's the existence of the AGP-slot. Perhaps the ATINDRV or the IOPCI. can't autodetect which one of the both is the right one. Or might it be the 4lane-only-PCIe-Slot? Does anybody have ANY clue what to do? Does anybody use PCIe-Graphics-Card with Natit/Titan/.... and 775Dual-VSTA? EDIT: I see that thestevo has his NVidia-card working with one Natit.kext. But i guess this version does not include ATI-strings for injection. Greets marcian EDIT2: I just tinkered around with a lot of stuff. The main thing i did was editing the IOPCIFamily.kext. There is one key that says "IOPCIClassMatch" and the value is 0x06040000,fff... Means that it scans for all devices matching the class 0604. This affects two devices on our motherboard. The PCIe-Bridge and the AGP-Port. I changed that to read "IOPCIMatch" and "0xa2081106" which should theoretically limit the scan to the PCIe-Bridge. But that didn't help me at all. I guess i will be out of luck until i switch away from this mainboard... (Which will only be when the DDR2-prices will start to drop to the level they have been in 3rd quarter 06)...
  3. Asrock 775Dual VSTA

    Great to hear that your system now works perfectly. Which kernel version are you using? How do you know, that you have both cores of your CPU working? Since i installed via the latest JaS-DVD my System profiler only shows 1 core. Is that an error in the system profiler, or is really only one core used? Where can i check?
  4. x1650 agp and pcie

    Hi folks, i have now had the time to check where the problem lies. graphics board or motherboard. It's the motherboard. The board i checked back with is i915p-based (my mums pc). That means: modbin's installer works like a charm with the PCIe-Version of the X1650Pro Card (in my case manufactured by MSI). The problem seems to lie in the VIA-based mainboard... You can renamen the thread to x1650agp/pcie. Will now have to find the problem with the VIA-chipset PCIe!? Or could it be the TFT-Screen? (I connected it with the same DVI-to-VGA-connector that i used on the other pc with it's CRT). Edit: I took the working CRT-monitor over to my desk and hooked it up to my pc (see signature). Ran the x1650-installer. Rebooted and it worked. Then i took away the CRT and put on the TFT (with the running system) and it recognized the monitor-resolutions (a lot less than the CRT offers). Perfect. Then i rebootet with the TFT-monitor connected. Back to my picture with only colourful stripes. Seems that my monitor is not appreciated on start... Tried already another TFT-monitor. Didn't help it. Sorry for spamming the thread more or less. But i'm hunting the solution. Seems to be out of reach for me. Perhaps somebody else will find my results helpful (for not having to find out everything by himself). Greets marcian
  5. Asrock 775Dual VSTA

    It has been done and it's a piece of cake. If i had known that earlier I found yesterday via the search-function in the italian section the following post: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=39148 I don't speak italian, so babelfish had to help. In the link you will find a link to a file. Inside that file you will find three modified files for the JaS 10.4.8 AMD.INTEL.SSE2.SSE3-DVD. (i used it on my PPF1ed version of the DVD). After download the files you need to mount your ISO-File in MacOS with write access. Go to the terminal an do this: (sudo) hdiutil attach filname.iso –readwrite The Iso will now be mounted as a volume and you can write the three files to the ISO. Replace the files that are on the dvd-image. Extensions.mkext will go to System\Library, the two other files go to System/Library/Packages. Now you can record the image file with the diskutil. After that it worked for me right away. Props to MartaMarco. Greets Marcian P.S.: Just found out why i had problems with my system booting only with "-v -f". The problem was in connection to my graphic-card not working with Titan/Natig/Badenov/modbin/Neo... I have to fix my screenmode in com.apple.Boot.plist. I fixed it with "1280x1024x32@60". Now i changed it to read "1280x1024x32". Boots alright now...
  6. Asrock 775Dual VSTA

    Hi, i don't know wether i'm right, but i think you add the 0x05911106 to the wrong line. The AppleVIAATAroot/IOPCIPrimaryMatch can be found in two categories of that same plist. You need to add it in the IOPCIPrimaryMatch-line AFTER the " key>VIA SATA Controller</key>" line. There is an easy help. Don't change the line with 0x05711106 because that is the line for the pata/ide-Controller. If you change 0571 to 0591 you will make your IDE-Controller unaccessible to MacOS (for that install). Change the line where you can already find several numbers like "<string>0x05911106 0x522910B9 0x528810B9 0x528910B9 0x528710B9 0x31491106 0x00e310de 0x005410de 0x005510de</string>". If you find the right line it should work...
  7. Supporto nativo Sata per ASROCK 775Dual Vista

    Mille grazie! (I'm not italian, (german), but found your post. Works perfectly for me. Sorry for answering in english) Marcian
  8. Asrock 775Dual VSTA

    A very interesting new point to add relating the S-ATA installation. I have some Athlon64 S754 Board lying around. Got it from a workmate. It features some VIA-Chipset and the famous 8237Southbridge with S-ATA ports. I built a system with it, threw in the newest JaS 10.4.8 DVD (INTEL.AMD.SSE2.SSE3) and voila it recognizes the S-ATA HD that is sitting in the system... Is AppleVIAATA actually a part of the OS-X Distribution by Apple? Non of the current system needs that kext... So the kext is on the install DVD. So installing to S-SATA should definately be piece of cake, if someone is able to build modified install-DVDs... Just 4 digits to change for the different device ID.
  9. Asrock 775Dual VSTA

    I just saw that the System Profiler only shows me 1 CPU. That would explain why i have no stuttering. Very weird. I didn't put CPUS=1 anywhere... I have found the 888package myself too. Just wanted to give the information that it doesn't work for me... I'm using DDR1-Memory at 400MHz. I had that before the motherboard... Won't upgrade to ddr2 before prices drop in march or so
  10. Asrock 775Dual VSTA

    Well it seems to start now most of the time. I added the -v command to the boot.plist (keeping the -f command). Don't think it's a motherboard issue. The newest JaS-Release seems to work quite well. Need to look deeper into it now. How can i test, wether i suffer the stuttering issue? @thestevo: I tried your Installer a few days ago (Version 4). The Sound-Driver didn't work for me. Said something like it couldn't find the layout ID... Thank you for your effort EDIT: I have installed on SATA. My Xbench is 86.84. Running it again on PATA the score is down to 70...
  11. Asrock 775Dual VSTA

    Hi matthias, sorry to hear you still have problems. I'm not even aware wether i have stuttering problems, coz i haven't got that far in my testing until now. I'm at the moment using the latest JaS-AMD-Intel-SSE2-SSE3-DVD. I tried both versions in the boot-plist. Neither one works. It's really strange. If i boot in verbose mode, the textmode-screen looks different than usually. It starts to make me crazy...
  12. Asrock 775Dual VSTA

    I've finally managed to not mess-up with the ATI-drivers (x1650 is a pain-in-the-ass). But there is one problem new problem. The system will only boot if i press F8 on each boot and start with "-f". As far as i know -f is used to force a rebuild of the kextcache, but even if i delete the kextcache files before shutting down, MacOS won't start without the kernel flag given manually on boot. I have added "f" under the point "kernel flags" in the boot plist, but that won't work either...
  13. x1650 agp and pcie

    I had hoped that this would also work with my X1650 PCIe-card. But it doesn't. With DVI i get a black screen on Output1 and a white screen on Output2. With VGA i get white stripes resp. red stripes. But thanks very much for giving me another little chance, and the others a full supported video card
  14. x1650 agp and pcie

    Hi, i have a PCIe-Version of that Chip but hoped to be able use all other stuff than the AGP-Driver. Now it seems, that your file isn't available for download anymore. Can you re-up it? Greets marcian
  15. Asrock 775Dual VSTA

    Dear Matthias, i'm very sorry. Something must be missing in my description for the clean 10.4.8 install. I had to reinstall and i can't get it to work. Absolutely no chance. Tried ten times or so. With some different variations in the process of installing all the needed items. vmware boots just fine (installed native as well). native running of the installed 10.4.8 is impossible. It tells something about loginwindow.app (as if it was just normally loading) and then gives me the kernel panic...