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  1. the same thing happens with me, but is your color gradient right, i mean when there is a gradient form black to grey, it is not smooth it's divided into lines, i hope you got my idea
  2. ok dude no problem i've sent you an inbox message, read it
  3. try to use Switch resX to make your custom resolution
  4. i am sorry for that but there is a way to get every thing works in snow leopard but it will read it 4600 in about this mac and it will give you two displays
  5. hey guys, after three years of struggling with this card finally made it works on Lion 10.7 all works ( resolutions, QE/CL , the correct data in about this mac ) here are the kexts you should put in S/L/E http://cl.ly/3h3x0t3h123d3K2H3a0C And that's EvoEnabler you should put it in E/E http://cl.ly/1B3p06111I0J1E1R122Q And here is my smbios , org.chameleon.Boot and com.apple.Boot http://cl.ly/170p0S2W2H2i0g2L0U2V just copy these files to there locations and repair permission then reboot and enjoy and here are some pict from my laptop for proof
  6. ATI Mobility Radeon 4530 512mb (SOLVED)

    i've got every thing to work like in DonKurdi's Video exactly but no QE/CL till now
  7. ATI Mobility Radeon 4530 512mb (SOLVED)

    it was written in displays in donkuri's video in this link http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=267045 that it is '' Built in display " how do you think i can get it
  8. ATI Mobility Radeon 4530 512mb (SOLVED)

    thanx i would give it a try now but the problem is i haven't backed up the original 10.7 ati kexts and when i used ytrox kexts it gave my black screen what about the bootloader is there a specific one for ati 4530
  9. ATI Mobility Radeon 4530 512mb (SOLVED)

    thnx alooooot dude, it really worked but with no QE/CL but it reads it 4530 in about this mac any solution to get QE/CL works my laptop is hp pavilion dv6 1205ee my OS is Lion 10.7 my id is 0x95531002 another thing -what is the best boot loader to use for this card ( the name exactly ) -in this video http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=267045 in the displays in about this mac is written Built-in display how can we get it or it's not necessary
  10. ATI Mobility Radeon 4530 512mb (SOLVED)

    i am gonna try it and comment later i hope to works
  11. ATI Mobility Radeon 4530 512mb (SOLVED)

    thnx i'll give it a try
  12. ATI Mobility Radeon 4530 512mb (SOLVED)

    thnx i've already made this a month ago and it worked but it read it 4600 and gives 1280x786 and when adding custom resolution with switch resx 1366x786 it gives two displays so thanx for your efforts but i am looking for a solution that give me 4530
  13. ATI Mobility Radeon 4530 512mb (SOLVED)

    please can you upload them to me cause i don't have 10.6 right now i am sorry but are you sure that it's going to read it 4530 or it will read it 4600 ??? and should i add my id to 4600controller only ?
  14. ATI Mobility Radeon 4530 512mb (SOLVED)

    how you made it work on lion ?