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  1. hi, I have a intel pro/wireless 2100 this manipulation working or not??? I hope!!! or it's only for broadcom hardware??
  2. Hi, I have the ati 9200 and I want to know if it's possible to add the agp controller... And if it's possible anyone can explain me beacuse I'm very confused... Thank's a lot!! Ps sorry for my English...
  3. gtkow

    How to configure the Darwin Boot Loader?

    I have the same problem... please help us...
  4. I have the same configuation that you.. please help us..........
  5. gtkow

    how change language?

    Thank's for the replay but this operation it's only for change A keyboard and another programs language. But I want to change all language of osx (the os) maybe it's not possible... snif
  6. gtkow

    how change language?

    Hi! I have the deadmoo image (native) and I whant to put mac osx in french?? Anyone can explain me??? thank's!!!! P.S. sorry for my english...
  7. gtkow

    dual boot question

    I have a question... I have a dual boot that working fine but when I chose MAC OSX darwin boot and after I need choice the second partition (hd0,2) it's possible to put the second partion at default in darwin boot?? Thank's a lot!! P-S. Sorry for my english....
  8. gtkow

    WiFi or Bluetooth

    what is the "Awesome patch"?? and where can you download this?? I'm very interesting...
  9. gtkow

    "Chain booting error"

    check if the partition where you have installed osx is PRIMARY!! and not logical... I'had the same problem and I had changed the partition logic in primary whit partion magic! And it working!! sorry for my english... lol