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    platinumsteel got a reaction from onemanOSX in Proper IntelUHD 630 Fake Id and ig-platform Ids issue   
    Okay guys ended up getting some help to be fully working..Turned out my system was indeed Hardware accelerated....But what happened was that for certain workloads the IGPu kicks in...That is normal for FinalCut and how apple coded the app....The bruceX benchmark is mostly CPU+GPU only...so AMD cards will excel in this area because of OPenCL....So i will be looking to purchase a AMD card soon and Ill be good to go...thanks 
    Ill post below for reference in case anyone may need it fully working...

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    platinumsteel reacted to pooriaarian in [Solved]Service exited with abnormal code: 255   
    I figured it out, the problem wasn't my boot files or my fakesmc, It was actually a problem caused by my intelhdgraphic device. And my fakesmc was working fine the whole time.
    I had to remove three kext files from my S/L/E in order to get it to work
    I installed the necessary graphics kext later from the link below
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    platinumsteel reacted to Micky1979 in Patched AppleHDA.kext for codecs IDT 92HD81B1X5, 92HD91BXX, 92HD87B1/3, 92HD87B2/4, 92HD87XX etc.   
    Find a codec id:
    Simply, If you have done the codec dump with Ubuntu, find into it... written in Hex.
    In Windows, go to "Device Manager" and look for "Sound, Video and game"
    Under, choice "codec" (not the controller) and see for hardware vendor ID in the tab.
    something like this:

    Now you know your codec audio!
    Mine is vendor ID/111d (IDT) Product ID/76e0 (codec id product ) complete=111d76e0
    Usage of codec id:
    the codec id is repeatedly used in several places in AppleHDA.kext, but in different ways like Hex byte flipped and decimal
    Normal Hex__________11 1d 76 e0

    Hex byte flipped_______e0 76 1d 11
    easy do the conversion with Calculator.app included in Osx
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    platinumsteel got a reaction from chris1111 in Gigabyte GA-Z77x-UD3H El Capitan Success.   
    Hi guys I would just like to share my El Capitan Success with owners of the same motherboard as mine..It is basically very simple thanks to Chris1111 and Friends..Clover El Capitan V5 usb tool found and can be downloaded here http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/307003-clover-os-x-el-capitan-usb/page-1
    Creation of USB Installer is simple..make sure u have 16gb or more usb thumb drive.Plug it in the usb 2.0 ports for Installation of course.Download El Capitan from app store it would be in applications folder.All u need to do is fire up usb tool from chris and of course follow the guide at the link above.
    After u install and restart hopefully ok I have posted 2 pictures of what the settings should look like for Post Installation also this particular motherboard.Remember to select ''Clover Post''.If u encounter failed installation..Just install each of them one at a time..and not all together ok..



    After that u just reboot and of course select your el capitan hardrive.You should see clover screen..Just hit Enter or Alternatively You can hit the space bar on your keyboard and select verbose mode so u can see what's happening...And that is basically it..
    1:All USB 2.0 ports.2x Intel USB 3.0 ports next to ethernet port only..Full usb 3.0 speeds
    2:Audio.Use voodooHDA.
    3:Ethernet.Use AtherosGB
    Not Tested:
    Sleep and Wake
    My Hardware: Gigabyte GA-z77x-ud3h.ATI 7970.8 gb ram.Kingston Hyper X SSD.
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    platinumsteel reacted to biggiep in Gigabyte GA-Z77x-UD3H El Capitan Success.   
    Oh sorry, i misread. Have to rely on a usb hub for now. Anyway thanks for posting this method for installing.   Helped me a bunch.
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    platinumsteel reacted to VCH888 in USB 3.0 issue in El Capitan   
    @ foster
    Did you try to use FakePCIID.kext + FakePCIID_XHCIMux.kext for 10.10 & 10.11 and DummyHXCI-6ports for 10.11?

    Edit XHC to XHC1 in dsdt.
    You should get all working ports. 
    from (naiclub's) Z87X-UD3H & 10.11

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    platinumsteel got a reaction from nate birkas in Installing OS X 10.8.2 / Windows 8 dual boot on [Asus G51Jx]   
    hey thanks a million for this post man..I installed mountain lion on my asus G51j differently...but only thing i didn't had was the correct audio kext..I looked far and wide for a working kexts..and finally saw your post and used your voodooHDA kext..I am so happy that it is working flawlessly..thanks a million for that..Now i have everything working perfectly on 10.8.2..Really appreciate it...