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  1. [How To] Lenovo z370 (i3-2330m HD3000(8086 0116))

    I had to use an external hdmi monitor to do the install. After I got it installed, chameleon added, kexts added, etc. - the monitor wasn't needed.
  2. [How To] Lenovo z370 (i3-2330m HD3000(8086 0116))

    I'll be watching the thread. One good thing that has come of this for Apple (other than me buying a copy of Lion), is that I bought an iPad 3 a couple of days ago. I originally bought the z370 last year for the purpose of making a hackintosh but keep hitting roadblocks until your how-to came along. Now with the money I saved versus buying a mac book pro, I decided to get another gadget. :-)
  3. [How To] Lenovo z370 (i3-2330m HD3000(8086 0116))

    That's the one part I forgot. Won't happen again. :-)
  4. [How To] Lenovo z370 (i3-2330m HD3000(8086 0116))

    I just did the 10.7.4 update. Took the update but got a KP on reboot. Booted with u n i b e a s t and re-installed the blue kexts, fixed permissions and reboot. Everything works. Nice work man. I really appreciate it.
  5. [How To] Lenovo z370 (i3-2330m HD3000(8086 0116))

    Getting it set up on my NAS as we speak. The ethernet issue was solved after the clean install by using m u l t i b e a s t and the Realtek Gigabit kext install.
  6. [How To] Lenovo z370 (i3-2330m HD3000(8086 0116))

    Thanks. I'll use time machine from here on out. This is all about learning something new for me. Thanks for the help.
  7. [How To] Lenovo z370 (i3-2330m HD3000(8086 0116))

    I think I borked something when I tried to tether my android phone via usb. It was working before that and nothing I do fixes it now.(Including your helpful suggestions above) I'll just reinstall and start clean. Thanks.
  8. [How To] Lenovo z370 (i3-2330m HD3000(8086 0116))

    Another question. My wired connection isn't working. I've got RealtekRTL81xx.kext installed. what else do I need to do to get it working? Thanks.
  9. [How To] Lenovo z370 (i3-2330m HD3000(8086 0116))

    Thanks for everything. I banged my head on the wall for 72 hours or so back 6 months ago trying to get this to work. With your HowTo and personal assistance, I now have a functioning Z370 Core i5-2410. I got the blu-ray player working with Mac Bluray Player. Very nice set-up now. Thanks.
  10. [How To] Lenovo z370 (i3-2330m HD3000(8086 0116))

    I can connect easily to an open network. When I try to connect to my home network, it won't connect. I is protected by WPA2 and it is a 54N router. Also, Airport doesn't appear to be working. Does it work on your system? Thanks for all your help. >>Ok. Setting the router to B/G only solved the issue for now. Guess I'll just do without N or switch to WPA.
  11. [How To] Lenovo z370 (i3-2330m HD3000(8086 0116))

    Got it working now. The smbios.plist did the trick. Still fighting with the wifi (WPA2) on my router but I'm sure I'll get it sorted out. Is there a way to force "54g" on the laptop or do I have to force it from the router?
  12. [How To] Lenovo z370 (i3-2330m HD3000(8086 0116))

    Yes I got to the desktop. I'll take another look at this today and I'll try the smbios.plist you suggested. I'll give this game one more day and then I have to get this laptop running.
  13. [How To] Lenovo z370 (i3-2330m HD3000(8086 0116))

    Got it to reboot and everything fine but still require the eternal monitor the entire time. Tough to use a laptop that way. Guess I'll roll back to linux for the time being. Thanks for the help and I'll check this thread from time to tune to see if a resolution is found.
  14. [How To] Lenovo z370 (i3-2330m HD3000(8086 0116))

    Yep. The graphics card id via lspci -nn matches yours. Not using raid but I'll recheck in the bios. No new bios available via Lenovo (the bios options suck). Everything is exactly the same as yours except the CPU and my blu-ray. Even have the Atheros wifi. I'll try this again with making a thumbdrive copy of your Lenovo Final inside OSX and try once again. You are using GUID on the Hard Drive aren't you? I am but still have to do the boot1h thing because its a WD 500G
  15. [How To] Lenovo z370 (i3-2330m HD3000(8086 0116))

    Got the same video card Intel HD3000. The processor is a core i5 2410. I'll redo the Lenovo Final from inside OSX. I did put in a blu-ray instead of the stock DVD but that shouldn't be causing a KP. Going to check my bios for an update and try this all again.