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  1. Clover hates Cinema Display

    The time saving and also very effective solution to my problem was to buy a new display...
  2. Clover hates Cinema Display

    Just for curiosity I just tested what would happen if I boot with both Dell (via DP) and Cinema Display (via DVI) are connected. Not that I believe that this info helps much, but both screens work properly. They are mirrored during BIOS POST, Clover Menu (now the Cinema Display is at high resolution as well) and during verbose boot. Then, at the desktop, they both are continuing in their native resolution as combined desktop. (2560x1440 and 1920x1200)
  3. Clover hates Cinema Display

    I always boot with just one monitor connected, (normally...) never with two. Either with the Dell (successful) or with the Cinema Display (with mentioned issues). Or with Dell first - disconnect - connect Cinema Display -> works. I have only the option to experiment with one U2711 and two(*) Cinema Displays 23". Another GPU (here: identical HD5770 in two hacks) is not available. But these never had issues with chameleon/chimera since 10.6.8. Both builds boot properly with the Dell connected. The complete setup here was working like a charm (single and dual) - until I first introduced Clover on 10.11.x (*) Just by chance I have two of them to confirm that it is not related to a single Cinema Display fault. One is usually in use with a G5 System.
  4. Clover does not like my good old 23” Cinema Display(s), two of them cause trouble while a Dell U2711 is just accepted nicely. The problem can be confirmed on two clover based installations of El Capitan on two identical hackintosh builds. Both are Gigabyte z68x ud7 b3 i7 2600 sandy bridge (BIOS F10) with a Gigabyte HD5770 silent cell, clover legacy installed on the EFI partitions of the respective boot SSDs (3320 and 3330 tested). So again: We are talking about two working installations of El capitan. So what is the problem: When booting with the Cinema Display selected - the Clover menu is in very low resolution (ignoring the value selected in the GUI section) - during verbose boot the screen stays black - reaching the desktop login, only the upper left section is displayed, sometimes static, sometimes with a pattern, sometimes “blinking”, fading in and out quickly (see attachment). The OS behind is working correctly: I can log in (blind) and the (section of) the screen turns from blurry to normal. I can also first boot with the Dell, disconnect it and plug in the Cinema Display: It works normally and is recognized via “about this mac”. I cannot boot with the Cinema Display and power cycle and/or unplug/plug it. The failure persists. Also is it not possible to boot without any display connected and plug the Cinema Display in once the boot is finished. It will stay dark. What I tried so far (without success): - changing resolution in the GUI section, matching all native resolutions of the cinema display as well as the offered standard options of Clover: No effect, not even on the Clover menu resolution; - using DVI and DP connectors of the HD 5770: Same negative result; - use of injectATI with or without DevID 0x68b8, ATIConfic=Vervet or combinations thereof. Only effect (when using the Dell): Graphics card info changes from HD5000 to correct data (…cosmetic); - use of injectEDID with or without previously extracted EDID as CustomEDID(*) in Clover: No effect either. What is it? Are these old Cinema Displays (from somewhere around 2000 and something) too old to be correctly identified and initialised by Clover? They are too good to be retired, nicely integrated in a print environment with very well predictable results. Is there anyone here having an idea, how to get them up and running with Clover? Thanks in advance! (*) I used just the EDID value as extracted with ioreg, no additional resolution info as in the Clover Wiki´s example of customEDID here http://clover-wiki.zetam.org/Configuration/Graphics#graphics_customedid, where in the sample configuration also a resolution is included. I have no idea how this would be correctly defined for my 1920x1200 max resolution. I think it is not possible to include that in the Clover Configurator CustomEDID data field, nor do I have an idea how the correct syntax would be (in base64?) when adding it to config.plist manually.
  5. One autosleep only!

    Hi, search didn´t offer me similar results, so this is probably new to be reported. On a GA-Z68X-UD7-B3 (F7) with patched DSDT (both from autopatcher and tonymacx86) I do only get one auto sleep within a boot cycle e.g. between power on and power off. Sleep itself works fine, also forced sleep, which is not limited. But as soon as the machine has been sleeping once (no matter whether auto or forced) it does not auto sleep anymore until next reboot. This effects both 10.6.8 and 10.7. Up to now I only know one user on a UD4 with similar issue. Are there others over here experiencing the same? What could be causing this, is it somehow DSDT-related or am I totally wrong in this section? What kind of parameter is it, which is not reset as the system awakes, preventing further auto sleep? Or would any bios setting have effects on this? Thanks in advance, SH