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  1. SPIELE am Hack Mac

    Hmm, wundert mich das Myst V End of Ages noch nicht genannt wurde, es gibt bei UbiSoft nen MacIntel-Patch herunterzuladen, der es ermöglicht das Spiel zu installieren (nur nen Installerpatch, das Prog bleibt leider PPC), läuft ruckelig, aber ohne Probleme BTW. Für C&C-Generäle gibts mittlerweile nen Intel-Update, hab aber immernoch keinen Mauscursor.
  2. Realtek RTL8187(L)

    Yeehaw it works flawless, Nice Job Realtek And thanks for the hints m8's
  3. Realtek RTL8187(L)

    no answers couldnt anyone of the coders do what job?
  4. Realtek RTL8187(L)

    Thx for the reply, the driver i've tested was/is PPC, no intel-version at the moment, i guess, the question is, is there any intelversion? Or maybe, is it possible, to use the linux-GPL-sources for the rtl8187 to compile/develop an intel-osx-gpl-driver?
  5. Realtek RTL8187(L)

    here the latest results, it seems what a superclass is missing, so the rtl8187.kext doesnt complete the validating for dependices kextload -t /System/Library/Extensions/rtl8187.kext kextload: resolving dependencies for kernel extensions with validation and authentication failures kernel extension /System/Library/Extensions/rtl8187.kext has problems: Validation failures: { "Executable file doesn't contain kernel extension code" = true } kextload -l -v /System/Library/Extensions/rtl8187.kext kextload: extension /System/Library/Extensions/rtl8187.kext appears to be valid kextload: loading extension /System/Library/Extensions/rtl8187.kext 22rtl8187_Client_Utility is not compatible with its superclass, 12IOUserClient superclass changed? kextload: a link/load error occured for kernel extension /System/Library/Extensions/rtl8187.kext load failed for extension /System/Library/Extensions/rtl8187.kext (run kextload with -t for diagnostic output) i've searched the missed IOUserClient-superclass, but couldn't found it in the whole kernel-tree? Any hints?
  6. Realtek RTL8187(L)

    Hello @ all, same here i've tested the Netgear WG111v2 it has an RTL8187-Chipset, and yes i've downloaded the OSX-10.4-driver from Realtek-Site, but it doesn't work for me, the base-executable in ./Content/MacOS/usbnet is a pure PPC-binary, and an manual kextload -t ends up with an "segmentation fault" whats all. i assume what the prism-drivers are not compatible with RTL-Chipsets, right? Would be nice to hear if someone get a solution for this, and for sure i'm wondering because the drivers for the GlobeTrotter-Connect-Card/external modem and their control-panel are also pure PPC but they runs with out trouble on the intel-system, another test says what the base-executable in ./Content/MacOS/usbnet has no kernel-extension-strings in it, but this can came from the wrong Owner/Mode-Type..., remember the kextload -t, if the strings arn't present, then kextload couldn't also load this module. Any hints for further tests? Where are the logs for what drivers saved? Special-parameters for kextload, for more usable output?
  7. ATI Radeon Installers

    @chavito the package install also the AGPGart, maybe whats your problem? Doesn't know much about the install-prozess, but evtl. try the manual install via pacifist, and remove the AGPGart from /S/L/E before reboot.
  8. ATI Radeon Installers

    OK, italian isnt my native language, but anyhow it's time to send you big thanx m8 It works for me with my ATIRadeon9800SE@Pro with AGP+Callisto+QE/CI/OpenGL two hints from me: recommend in a readme or so, what the right PCI-ID must set in the CallistoHAL. it comes with the default value. and whats the importend one, please recommend in the readme what all users of your solution, who are using 10.4.7, must highly important delete the ATINDRV.kext before installing your solution, this module (i assume it comes from the Natit-package and is intergrated in the main-dvd-install) collides with the AGPGart.kext which you has implemented in your driver-pack, at first try i got the black-screen crash, but as i delete only the ATINDRV.kext and rebuild the kernelcaches all things are running fine. ok, thx and bye. PS: @banders5144 look at the genius bar there must be a howto linked especially for the mouse-tearing problem, two solutions exist on the forums.
  9. SPIELE am Hack Mac

    Ok, ich muß mich korrigieren, nach einigen Experimenten mit Callisto hat sich herausgestellt, daß C&C-Generäle hier nur läuft wenn Callisto installiert ist, hängt aller Wahrscheinlichkeit damit zusammen das Callisto nen von C&C geforderten Screenmode-Wechsel zuläßt, allerdings habe ich keinen Mauscursor im Spiel, egal ob mit MouseLocator / MightyMouse oder ohne. ...und das Spiel läuft verdammt lame (PPC?) gibts ne IntelVersion? Sauerbraten will hier zwar starten bleibt aber beim Laden irgendeines q3....jpg's hängen, und friert den gesamten Rechner ein, ich kenne das Teil vom PC und dort lief es ohne solche Probleme.
  10. SPIELE am Hack Mac

    Hmm, das glaube ich Dir einfach mal C&C-Generäle und UT habe ich hier beide in der Kaufversion, nur nützt mir das halt herzlich wenig wenn sie nicht laufen ;( ...hmm und was das posten von weiteren Spielen angeht, gerne, wenn ich welche habe die laufen, aber weder Myst III noch Riven wollen hier (aus verständlichen Gründen -> OS9), achso und nochwas, kannst Du bitte dazu schreiben in welchen Versionen (PPC/Intel) die Spiele zu haben sind?
  11. SPIELE am Hack Mac

    Hmm, klingt nice, aberrr: Command&Conquer-Generäle läuft schon mal nich, auch der aktuelle Patch kann nix daran ändern, hab dann versucht UT-Classic auf die Reihe zu bekommen leider auch Fehlanzeige *schluchz* naja kann man nich ändern...
  12. Pestering driver writers & hackers

    ehmm, it works but it could also blast the forum into pieces... what's wrong if member wanna thank the devs i've searching the forums for info to the problems here on my machine, but damn there are so many threads, with more or less information, most of them doesnt solve the problem's here, it could take hours to find the "one" tip, what helps with one problem, after what there's a run to the right files, also looking the threads whats the best to solve my problems, maybe here must be a central knowlegde base with hints + files and keeping it uptodate (not only for the newest kernels, also to the older ones) and remember most members feel the big brother behind
  13. ES137x AC97 Driver (VMWare Audio) - Project

    OK first of all, thx m8 for the nice driver, works here with all three connectors, teamspeex sucessfully tested but the stuttering as described above is also here on my system, if the driver could'nt solve the problem, maybe we can get a routine to refresh the soundbuffer / sounddriver after a limited time? why the microphone doesnt have this fault/problem also in teamspeex not (i could talk as much as i would, my contacts couldnt hear any distortions or soundbreaks) is a good question?