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  1. information about Sony Vaio FW11E

    Hi, sorry to bother you with this question MacOff, but i have a Sony Vaio FW11E too, what version of leopard did you installed? I mean, i installed Kalyway but mine did't look as good as yours... Would you mind to wrote the whole filename, so i can search and download the exact same version? Best regards, and thanks in advance
  2. ATI 3470 HD issue

    we're two asking for the same drivers! I got a fw11e. What's your wireless card? If it's an intel wireless link 5100, how did you got it to work? Thanks in advance
  3. EBIOS error on AMD64

    Hi there! I've an AMD64 3000+ s939 processor and i managed to successfully install MAC OSX86 10.4.8 version on my pc, however, when i boot it and press F8 for the "advanced boot settings" (or something like this... i can't remember...) i get this error: "EBIOS read error: Error0x01 Block 63 Sectors 64". The drive where i boot from is set to master, and the dvd drive from where i installed the OSX is set to master too, does this have something to do with the error? I must say that i've a partitioned disc in which i got Windows XP and a FAT32 primary partition where i got OSX, i can't get dual boot to work, i used the Acronis OS Selector method and the chain0 method too, but neither one worked... So, what i would like to know is if is the "set to master hard drive and the set to master dvd drive" which are causing the EBIOS error, or is the error related with the dual boot problems i'm getting? My system specs are: Processor: AMD Athlon 64 3000+ s939 Motherboard: DFI nForce4 infinity RAM: 512MB DDR kingston 400Mhz Graphics Card:GeForce 6200 PCI-e 256MB Hard Drives: 1 IDE Seagate 80 GB (partitioned where i have Windows XP and OSX) 1 IDE Seagate 120 GB (i use to keep the music, movies, etc... ) PS: sorry if my english isn't the best, but i'm not used to write in this language, however i understand it very well, so feel free to explain as you want. Best regards