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  1. 10.4.8 Kernel Panic

    Befoon, from what I saw couple threads above, I think you have problems with the ISO Mac OSx 10.4.8. If you can't boot then something are wrong with the DVD device (i.e. DVD-Rom, or DVD RW etc) OR the media itself (the disc). I have problems in the past first time I d/l the ISO for version 10.4.6. I d/l from internet, and found that the disc is defect. The result I found because after booting it is stuck on the grey screen with apple logo, and then there is red circle. I also have experience with the drive that doesn't support. I use the DVD-combo that couldn't boot at all. I assume that because the disc can be boot in other machine/laptop that have different DVD devices. The error message was: "apple.list not found" FYI, I have 4 ISO Mac OS 10.4.6 and 2 are working and 2 not working. So consider to d/l another ISO, burn it in DVD+/-RW (so you can erase if it doesn't work) and try again...... And if you have other machine, consider to try the disc.... If successfull in other machine but not in your machine, meaning there is problems in dvd device... could be the dvd device, or could be apic problems
  2. Jordan, I just change my Apple time zone into Zone that have same clock with my XP. For simple: in XP I use GMT + 7.00 which is Bangkok, Jakarta, Hanoi. And the time let say 5.00 PM Then in Mac OS, I use GMT xxx which show the time clock same 5.00 PMi.e. Muscat So instead I have same Time Zone, I go to same time clock. I doesn't bother if my Mac OS zone doesn't reflect different with XP, as long as both show the same time..... Thanks. Regards, Neo-Keledai
  3. Marvell Yukon 88E8036 PCI-E Fast Ethernet FIXED

    How to check whether we successfull or not? I follow every steps, but I don't know how to check..... Could someone tell me HOW to check that NETWORK card is running properly? How to change the IP address from DHCP into static? Cheers, Keledai
  4. I do have experience similar to your question here. For me I think there are two 'things' might happens: 1. the DVD that you burned is defect 2. the DVD-ROM incompatible. For me, in the past I have experience error by both causes (with 10.4.6). And when I got new machine (laptop) and burned new DVD it works!. So if you have time and resources tried it other machine at least other DVD-ROM That's all Thanks
  5. 10.4.8 Kernel Panic

    I do have same problemo, with this threads. So let's do hope the 'master' in this forums help us. Thanks
  6. Easy Update to 10.4.8

    Hmmm...... no luck with me ... doesn't success with the Apple Combo...... After installing - reboting..... until the Grey screen with Apple logo..... rebooting..... until the Grey Screen with apple logo... rebooting..... upsss.... forgot to do some of it.............. *Alamakkkkkk* see the this thread number #63 Thanks Upgrade from 10.4.6.....
  7. Software Piracy

    I think this debate is quite great, meaning, a lot of people sharing their thought. Just a little mindset that I want to share: For me, the reason to use pirated software are: 1. Wanna try before buy, but after convinient using the software still doesn't pay the price (keep continuing using pirated soft). This also create opportunity to vendors to have good market. Like in Indonesia, many people use pirated Windows.... but then it create some habbits to people to get use or more familiar using Windows instead of using Free software like Linux. So that's way a lot people in here are a little bit 'resistent' (due to their culture/habits/familiarity with Windows. 2. Thinks that the software is to expensive. This a little bit make sense for me or maybe for people that come from 3rd world, since we are still fighthing against hunger. Plus some vendors doesn't create different scheme for country that 'lower' per capita income (PCI). Another illustration of this, that Ministry of Industry in Malaysia still thinks that Music/Film industry are STILL TO EXPENSIVE producing the CD/DVD, so that's way PIRATING those things are will always happens. But then the Music/Film industry CLAIM that because they have to pay royality... My personal opinion agree with ROYALITY, but if you produce in mass it is better to reduce the price (including ROYALITY fee) but you will get more volume on sales. 3. Don't have enough support eventhough buying the original. This is a little bit cruicial... Since we live in the 3rd world, sometimes the consumer rights is not well protected (including right to get support of using software), so why we have to pay license/original software if we got not different level of support with pirated user? Conclusion: I don't mind to buy original software as long it is worthed, but defining worthed could be difficult since a lot of aspect should be consider, e.g.: support, functionality, expectation, culture, etc..... That's my opinion about software piracy.... Thanks.
  8. Hi all, I'll try the first solution which is provided by the perfect0 (using REGEDIT way). At the first it was successfull then I use Windows XP mostly, but suddenly after around one hour, my clock revert back again into GMT which is -7 hours. The weired things, if I do reboot to OSX, logon, restart/reboot logon into XP it will fixed again.... but after one hours, the clock would revert back into GMT -7. It is hassling to reboot every one hours, right? Have anyone HAD same experience about this? And have anyone that use other way ( cbmkgd way) HAD same experience with me? Thanks. Regards, Keledai
  9. Time Issue on Dual Boot XP & Mac OSX

    Thanks for shockme17 comments AND his thread And Finally I found the RESOLUTUION System Clock does NOT have the correct time? Try this...
  10. Time Issue on Dual Boot XP & Mac OSX

    Hi, thanks for the response. I'll use the same time zone between two OS(I think??).... Here the screen shot of both of OS Time Zone.... Thanks. Regards, Keledai
  11. Time Issue on Dual Boot XP & Mac OSX

    Thanks for your respond, but I don't think it will correct my problems. Since what I mean in this thread are: - If I am booting into my XP, it shows correct time & date, and if I close and reboot into my Mac OSX, it will show different time, not same as my XP. The different is about couple hours ahead in my OSX. To make more clear, here I attached the screen shot Sorry for confusing at the first place. How this would clear my problems Thanks anyway, Best Regards, Keledai
  12. Hi, Couple weeks ago, I have succeded to install DUAL Mac OSX 10.4.6 and Windows in my laptop (Acer Aspire 5583) *using ACRONIS 10*. My current configuration 1st partition (Primary) Windows XP 2nd partition (Primary) Mac OSX 3rd partition (Extended) Laptop Configuration: Core Duo T5500 (1.66 GHz, 667 Mhz FSB) Intel GMA950 --> Working RAM: 1.25 Gb HD: 60 GB LAN: Yukon --> Not Working Wifi: Intel 345 ABG --> Not working Sound: Realtek --> Not working My problems: I have different "time" / "clock" between Windows XP and Mac OSX. There are several hours of difference if i go boot in on one of the OS. (My OSX time are more faster couple hours than my Windows XP time) And if I change in XP it will change in the OSX and vice versa. So I can't get the same time.... Have someone has same experience with me? And how to fix it ? Thanks. Regards, Keledai - Indonesia
  13. Marvell Yukon 88E8036 PCI-E Fast Ethernet FIXED

    Hi everyone, I'll try to change to what should be in here. But it doesn't work... One question, how to check whether the Ethernet Card already properly installed? I hope I'm not the only one that having this problems.... Thanks. Keledai