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  1. Post Install wont boot

    Spoke to soon. Wont boot back up for some reason, must have been a fluke that it managed to start. Ugh. I really don't know what else to do, how can it work once then never work again? **EDIT*** I put my wife's video card in. Works. Every single time. Even shutdown properly without reseting CMOS. My wifes video card is pretty old, its my old 9800GT. I guess I'll just have to live with hers for now and swap out gfx when I want to play games on my windows hard drive. Couldn't find any kexts for GT 240, someone said it worked with the 9800GT kexts, but not for me. **EDIT 2** FINALY! I loaded up the latest nvidia drivers from kext's, put my GT 240 in, and it works like a charm. I guess my 10.6.5 build just didn't have drivers for the GT 240.
  2. Post Install wont boot

    Works. I ran a DSDT patcher from another thread for windows on this machine, told it to use Generic NVIDIA, put the dsdt file into my chameleon boot usb, and it booted up way quick with -v. The graphics card obviously doesn't but now I can run a real DSDT patcher instead of the one from windows, since all I had access to was a 10.5.5 vmware leopard install, which didn't have the proper version of java to run the dsdt patcher I found in the genuis forum. So glad it FINALLY WORKS. That's a total of 19 hours to get this thing to work from start to scratch. And I bet you it'll take another 4+ hours to get the video card to work, I really hope not but at least it boots, thanks for your help recomending a DSDT fix.
  3. Post Install wont boot

    Ok , I'm finally home. I ran with -x -v and it gets past all of the black screen commands and goes to boot into os x and just crashes, sometimes taking 4+ minutes to get through the black screen commands (the screen that without -v just shows the apple icon and the wheel spinning) but in every case it crashes to black screen and then SOMTIMES reboots and sometimes just hangs there. So from this topic I'm going to attempt to do the follow, please add anything else if you can. First going to put the latest and greatest bootcd on a cd and try booting from that instead of my USB drive, I doubt that will work but it's the easiet thing to try so I'll start there. Next I guess I'll research what a dsdt is, and how to "fix" it although the post I saw for fixing your dsdt said it isnt necesary for snow leopard? I'll post back.
  4. Post Install wont boot

    Yeah I'll look into that after I get home it black screens and restarts even with -x
  5. Post Install wont boot

    Then how do I boot os x ignoring any graphics initialization
  6. Post Install wont boot

    Ok let me clarify some things this post was made late at night tired and frustrated after 16 hours of trying to get it to work. For my second boot I keep the usb in , boot from it select my new mac installation boot with graphicsdisabler (a boot option on myhack that sets graphicsenabler to no I assume.but maybe that's my problem) boot with -x -v gets to the black screen loader then crashes with black screen no error then reboots eventually. When I get home I'll post the last lines displayed before crash. I believe its my vid card I'll try to boot from boot cd maybe that will have the required kexts if not I guess I'll delve into packing the right ones myself
  7. Post Install wont boot

    Hardware : Intel C2D E4300 2 gigs ram 320 gig wd blue hd XFX GT240 Gigabyte ga-p35-ds3l Using USB with myHack and 10.6.5 retail dvd Ok so it installed just fine. But when I try to boot into it it crashes with black screen right after the apple screen. -x and graphicsdisabler don't seem to do anything. Unless I'm doing it wrong? I hit right arrow for startup options, hit ` then do graphicdisabler or -x and I still get the hang. Any help?