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  1. 5470 HD Mobility Framebuffer Patch

    Just a quick update, I did try it with a Sharp LCD TV connected to it using a VGA cable. That worked fine, full QE/CI, however, the internal display still remains blank. The framebuffer personality that it uses for the VGA is the default one for Eulemur: 10 00 00 00 10 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 10 00 01
  2. ATI 5470M on Lion

    I have a similar system to yours as well and I have had no luck. I posted all the information on my but with no resolution to the problem: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...=268109&hl=
  3. 5470 HD Mobility Framebuffer Patch

    I have not tried the VGA or HDMI yet. I have just been focusing on the internal display. Looking over my initial post I noticed I need to make a correction. I have to use the DVI ATY,ControlFlags (0x0014) in order to have the internal display even recognized: 02 00 00 00 14 00 00 00 09 01 00 00 10 00 01 07 ==> LVDS Also the HotplugID has to be set to 01 as well it appears.
  4. 5470 HD Mobility Framebuffer Patch

    Please see my initial post above, I have updated it with more information.
  5. Editing custom personalities for ATI Radeon HD[45]xx

    CheeseTank, I have values that are identical to yours. I am also unable to get it to work. Have you had any further progess?
  6. Hi mac-fish, Thanks for your reply. I have the EDID injection in place already. I was wondering if you could send me your ioreg file along with your currently modified DisplayProductID-717 so that I can compare it with my own. I am hoping it will help me shed some more light as to why mine is not working yet.
  7. 5470 HD Mobility Framebuffer Patch

    I have a Acer 7740G that has a ATI 5470 HD Mobility card. currently I have Mac Lion 10.7 installed. I have tried various kext files, dual-link patch to the dsdt, and various framebuffers with the same result. When using GraphicsEnabler set to yes, the built-in screen is always dark but the backlight is enabled. Here is my radeon_bios_decode output: ATOM BIOS Rom: SubsystemVendorID: 0x1025 SubsystemID: 0x0348 IOBaseAddress: 0x2000 Filename: BR035535.007 BIOS Bootup Message: Acer JV70-CP PARK M2 XT DDR3 64Mx16 512MB </p><p>PCI ID: 1002:68e0 Connector at index 0 Type [@offset 45014]: LVDS (7) Encoder [@offset 45018]: INTERNAL_UNIPHY (0x1e) i2cid [@offset 45088]: 0x96, OSX senseid: 0x7 Connector at index 1 Type [@offset 45024]: HDMI-A (11) Encoder [@offset 45028]: INTERNAL_UNIPHY1 (0x20) i2cid [@offset 45111]: 0x91, OSX senseid: 0x2 Connector at index 2 Type [@offset 45034]: VGA (1) Encoder [@offset 45038]: INTERNAL_KLDSCP_DAC1 (0x15) i2cid [@offset 45138]: 0x90, OSX senseid: 0x1 Here is my redsock_bios_decode: BR035535.007:</p><p>Acer JV70-CP PARK M2 XT DDR3 64Mx16 512MB</p><p>Subsystem Vendor ID: 1025 Subsystem ID: 348 Object Header Structure Size: 199 Connector Object Table Offset: 34 Router Object Table Offset: 0 Encoder Object Table Offset: 99 Display Path Table Offset: 12 Connector Object Id [14] which is [LVDS] encoder obj id [0x1e] which is [INTERNAL_UNIPHY (osx txmit 0x10 [duallink 0x0] enc 0x0)] linkb: false Connector Object Id [12] which is [HDMI_TYPE_A] encoder obj id [0x20] which is [INTERNAL_UNIPHY1 (osx txmit 0x11 [duallink 0x1] enc 0x2)] linkb: false Connector Object Id [5] which is [VGA] encoder obj id [0x15] which is [INTERNAL_KLDSCP_DAC1 (osx txmit 0x00 enc 0x10?)] linkb: false I also have attached a picture of the bootup process that seems to imply that it's the Eulemur framebuffer that I need to use (no matter the buffer I set, Eulemur is shown here). Based on the above infomratio, I have modified the ATI5000Controller.kext file so that the first Eulemur personalitie looks like this: 02 00 00 00 40 00 00 00 09 01 00 00 10 00 00 07 All three personalities: 02 00 00 00 40 00 00 00 09 01 00 00 10 00 00 07 ==> LVDS 00 08 00 00 00 02 00 00 00 71 00 00 12 04 04 02 ==> HDMI 10 00 00 00 10 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 10 00 01 ==> VGA Unfortunately, my built-in LVDS screen is black. If I VNC into it, I can see that no display is detected. If I modify the LVDS entry to this: 02 00 00 00 14 00 00 00 09 01 00 00 10 00 01 07 ==> LVDS My built-in screen is still blank but the backlight is enabled. It appears that the ATY,ControlFlags has to be DVI (0x0014) and the HotplugID has to be 01 in order to recognise the internal display. This is the output from my ioreg: ATY,Eulemur@0 <class AtiFbStub, id 0x100000320, registered, matched, active, busy 0 (4842 ms), retain 7> { "port-number" = 0 "display-type" = "CRT" "connector-type" = 2 "ATY,ActiveFlags" = 16 "IOFBDependentIndex" = 0 "IOFBDependentID" = 18446743524148467712 "ATY,ControlFlags" = 20 "AAPL,gray-page" = <01000000> "device_type" = "display" "av-signal-type" = 1 "AAPL,iokit-ndrv" = <a017b1807fffffff> "AAPL,gray-value" = <c38c6400> "display-connect-flags" = <00000000> "name" = "ATY,Eulemur" "AAPL,boot-display" = <01000000> } Does anyone know why this is not working and what else I could possible try? I'm just not sure what I am missing at this point. I have also included my Xorg.0.log file from my Ubuntu installation. One interesting entry I found is this: Adapter ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5000 Series has 2 configurable heads and 1 displays connected. I am not sure what that means and if it may explain why it's not working. The log file also show two separate EDID values. One appears to be a valid entry which I have injected already for the Mac OS (I can verify through VNC I get the correct 1600x900 resolution). Xorg.0.log.txt ioreg.txt
  8. ATI Native drivers

    It is 1600x900. I have heard of the Dual-Link patch but was not sure if that applied to ATI like mine. If that is the case I will try it. Any good guides on how to apply the patch?
  9. ATI Native drivers

    I am curios, what frame buffer did you use to get the internal screen to work? That is the one I am struggling with. I have a Acer 7740G and it appears to have similar specs as your Acer. The problem is my internal screen is always dark with the backlight enabled when I use GraphicsEnabler=yes.
  10. DSDT Auto patcher - Gone?

    Thank you very much MaLd0n. One thing that is still not working for me is the graphics card. I have a HD ATI 5470 Mobility. If I set GraphicsEnabler=yes, the built in display is dark although the backlight is enabled. I have injected the EDID which does appear to give me the proper resolution support (verified through VNC). With GraphicsEnabler=No, I don't get QE/IC and don't have the proper resolution. Is there a way to enable it using the generated dsdt.aml you gave me?
  11. DSDT Auto patcher - Gone?

    MaLd0n, I was wondering if I could get a DSDT for an Acer 7740G? Thanks send_me.zip
  12. Hi mac-fish, I have tried to get my Acer 7740G to work properly with the HD 5470 512MB card with no success. I tried the ATI5000Controller.kext that you attached in this post and I still get a black back-lite screen. Is it possible to make the same modifications that you made with the ioreg.txt file hat I have arched? I am just not sure where to begin. ioreg.txt
  13. Calling all ATI Radeon HD Owners

    ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 (Acer) Hardware ID is 0x68E01002 Please let me know if you need anything else. 1002_68e0.zip
  14. ATI Native drivers

    I have attached my video bios dump. I am more than willing to try out any test file you my come up with. Thanks for the effort. PS. I was going to send you this as a PM with the file attached. However, I couldn't figure out how to attach the file to the PM. 1002_68e0_03471025.zip
  15. ATI Native drivers

    Can't wait for that to happen As for your question regarding the secondary ouput, HDMI would be the preferable one. To recap, I have not been able to get the Acer 7740g w/ ATI HD 5470 mobility card to succesfully use QE/CI and I also can't get it to display in the native resolution either using the internal display. I am currently using Chimera v1.1.0 r753 which does boot up but the internal display is blank (I am able to VNC into it and verify that the ATI kext is loaded). I even tried all the available framebuffers for the ATI5000Controller that are listed here: http://forum.netkas.org/index.php?topic=833.0 However, the results are mostly the same except some of them don't enable the internal display at all.