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  1. pck

    Intel PRO/Wireless 2200 driver

    http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=36976 Are these two separate projects? Maybe you could work together...
  2. Well I have search throughout this forum a lot and didn't find any solutions. Isn't their any preferences file where I can manually change the port or something? Just switch the Line-Out port with Speaker-Out?
  3. pck

    Intel Wireless driver

    I have the same result. The drivers detects then Intel Wireless hardware but can't find any wireless networks. It's a good step in the right direction though! For my specs, see signature... I Noticed when I manually add my router name and WPA password I think it crashes. I get a popup with: "You need to restart your computer. Hold down the Power button for serveral seconds or press the Restart button" Is this a crash? Also my system is feeling a lot slower with these drivers activated but maybe I'm just thinking it is... Aslo: I can't turn Airport OFF (just some little 'bugs' so hopely you can fix them) Great work so far!
  4. Hello, My sound worked out of the box with JaS 10.4.8 AMD/Intel SSE2/SSE3 8.8.1 semthex kernel but I can only select Line-Out in the Sound Preferences. This means the my headphone out works but my internal speakers don't! I'm using a Intel 82801DBM ICH4-M - AC'97 Audio Controller with AppleAC97Audio.kext and AppleAC87AudioIntelICH.kext Vendor id: 8086 Device id: 24c5 Anyone knows a way to get my laptop speakers running properly?
  5. You could try this workaround. How did you managed to display your videocard as AGP with AGPGart? Which versions, wich settings did you used and how did you installed it? My Mac OS is not booting when I install AGPGart. And do you use Callisto?
  6. pck

    Qe/Ci ati mobility 9700 ?

    Well I think it's a coming thing with QE and CI support that your screen does some weird things. For the most of us it's just some mouse tearing, but it could be worse I guess. QE and CI worked for me out of the box, but couldn't change my resolution. With Callisto I could and it removed the mouse tearing, but it turned of QE and CI support. Setting the framebuffer to CaliistoFB solved all the problems though, except for the mouse tearing coming back I really don't know why it isn't working for you. As far as I understand it works, only your screens is getting distorded.
  7. pck

    Qe/Ci ati mobility 9700 ?

    You could also try Katana. Never tried it though...
  8. pck

    Qe/Ci ati mobility 9700 ?

    Try this complete walkthrough and check ALL settings. Not much I can do for you since I don't know what the problem is...
  9. pck

    Qe/Ci ati mobility 9700 ?

    Kexts from JaS 10.4.8 AMD/Intel SSE2/SSE3
  10. pck

    Qe/Ci ati mobility 9700 ?

    Callisto 3fixed (now added in sig). I tried the other version: Cal8 - hangs at booting with vague pink colors (laptop on drugs!) Cal5 - corrupted screen like you describe Cal6 - not tried (yet) You can try out different versions and settings using this auto-script! ( be sure to check the link for V2 because they are accidentally switched in the topic start) Koverg crashes my system (I believe it's for Ati x600 only) and the script didn't set the framebuffer to CallistoFB correctly, but it's nice to easy test different versions of Callisto
  11. pck

    iChat Update (Universal) 1.0

    Yes, although I don't use the program... but update was without problems
  12. pck

    Qe/Ci ati mobility 9700 ?

    You need to change your framebuffer to point at Callisto. It's explained in the Callisto FAQ.html file in the Callisto zip file. It worked for my Mobility 9600! http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?act...ost&id=7098
  13. pck


    Just booted! Works fine! Now to find some good drivers for my Ati Mobility 9600 I didn't install any drivers from JaS's pack because I couldn't find any matching hardware. I don't suppose I could use the Ait x600 drivers or something? Then which one should I use?
  14. pck


    Got it! (just got home) Yup probably seeds everywhere now! Currently unpacking it and burning it to DVD. More soon...
  15. pck


    With SSE2 Semthex's 8.8.1 kernel