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  1. Leopard Laptops with NON-working GMA X3100

    which resolution do you have available ? are you booting in normal mode or safe mode ? If you have qe/ci enabled i would have expected you to have your right resolution yet. Are you using ax external lcd ?
  2. Users with GMA 950 / X3100 Real Macs needed here

    Ciao , sono italiano anch'io.... I've the same card but at the moment i can have it working correctly only with an external monitor. What i need is Natit.kext to get this card works. Try install this and boot with a lcd attached ; i get full qe/ci support and correct resolution. Laptop display doesn't work correctly and it work only if you boot with -x (safe mode) option but no QE/CI. Good luck
  3. Leopard Laptops with NON-working GMA X3100

    Before starting you need kexthelper utility. make sure you have it. I'm not a guru but this is what I do ususally (have tried many many times...) 1) unzip slashack folder in your desktop 2) open terminal 3) type "sudo rm -rf /System/Library/Extensions/AppleIntelGMAX3100* " it will ask your password 4) type "sudo rm -rf /System/Library/Extensions/Natit.kext" 5) type "sudo rm /System/Library/Extensions.mkext" 7) Open KextHelper and drop into the window all slashack files. Put your password and click easy intall 8) when finished close KextHelper, but don't reboot 9) run diskutility (from Utilities) 10) choose your leopard disk 11) run repair permissions 12) reboot with -v -f options good luck!
  4. Leopard Laptops with NON-working GMA X3100

    I've a 2a02 rev 3 x3100 card. I've tried many combination of x3100FB and Natit. The best result I've achived is with slashack kext. With this now i can boot in safe mode and have correct resolution (1680x1050) in the laptop display but no QE/CI of corse. Booting normally with an external monitor (same resolution...) i have full qe/ci but the laptop display works only at 1680x1000; if i tried to put the right resolution of 1680x1050 on the laptop, then both monitors goes blue and stops working. If i boot normally without the external monitor , laptop display gets blue and also resuming from sleep doesn't work. I've have no idea what to do next to get this damn card working !!! EFI strings didn't work too. I've noticed that it doesn'matter what version of x3100FB i use, it works always in the same way. The laptop display work only if the external lcd is attached at boot, then i can take it off and the laptop display will continue working at wrong resolution. Anyone has an idea ? thks
  5. Intel X3100 EFI Strings

    Yeah crazyjmac, I've also found an external monitor to plug and got really a step forward. I've made many tries, and now, without natit and the 9f23 graphic update , i have full QE support and resolution in the external LCD. Using switchresx i've tried different resolution for the laptop display and found that in some case it can work: If i enabled mirroring, both monitors are unusable and have to start from the beginnign (single user mode, delete kext, boot in vesa and so on..) If i keep the external display at is main res, it works very well and i've been able to have something in the laptop panel only at a very wierd resolution of 1300x867 (or something similar).... but it is really bad... But if i unplug the external monitor, i'm exactly where i started: blue and then black screen..... Now i think it is worth a while to try again with the efi string method of hacktrix but, i haven't understand well how to get a good boot.plist. I'm sure i'm doing something wrong there..... Any help would be really great !
  6. Intel X3100 EFI Strings

    Hi slogican ! I will try your suggestion too and report back . Did you get QE/CI support ? Thanks
  7. Intel X3100 EFI Strings

    hi ravagilli, i've the same card you have (2a02 rev 3 ) in a lifebook e8410. I've tried many different method and always witho no result (black screen is always there) and can work only in vesa mode deleting all the AppleGMA extensions and frame buffer. Now i'am trying with a xxx distribution but still with no result (ideneb and iatkos in the past). Having found my raw edid data from windows it is not clear to me how to build the string for the com.apple.boot plist. How should i decide what to leave from the ioreg file posted by hacktrix looking at my ioreg ? is it possible that the problem is related to the display and not the video driver ? (i've a 1680x1050 panel) Thanks in advance
  8. Intel X3100 EFI Strings

    no WAY! it doesn't worked for me ! It's ridiculous .......
  9. Intel X3100 EFI Strings

    Hi hacktrix, i'm trying agian with ideneb 10.5.5 . But i'm now a bit confused since i've tried so many different method..... I have started from a clean installation and removed all appleintelgma* kext + integratedframebuffer; i can boot in vesa mode . Now, reading your howto, i haven't understand how to clean your x3100 dump leaving there only the information found in my IOREG. Also i've now the edid data because i have updated my winzozz driver and with these i guess i could be more lucky! Can you please explain me what should i do to get the correct efi string ? You can find here my ioreg and edid data. If i am not wrong, with a efi string in my boot.plist i have also to restore the original x3100 kext, modify the PCIclassMatch with my card id (20A2 rev 3); should i restore the integrated frame buffer too? and gma950 too? I thank you in advance a lot for all your help !!!! ioreg.zip DiagnosticReport.txt
  10. Intel GMA X3100

    In my case, a fresh ideneb 10.5.5 install doesn't work. id 2a02 rev 3 and a laptopt display @ 1680x1050 I can go in vesa mode deleting all the appleintelgma kext and appleintelintegratedframebuffer. Natit does not work, efi doesn not work
  11. Intel X3100 EFI Strings

    No luck. 10.5.4 is a step backward. After many tries i'm unable to boot properly. I will go back back to ideneb 10.5.5 fresh install and cross my finger ! Hack if you will have any further idea it will be great welcome !! Tnx for all your help
  12. Intel X3100 EFI Strings

    hacktrix, i think i will try with a 10.5.4 installation hoping to have better luck there. Thank ou for all your help I will surely let you know!
  13. Leopard Laptops with NON-working GMA X3100

    thanks raziiq ; i did it exactly but didn't help. nothing has changed. I'm going to try with a fresh install + efi method suggested by hacktrix. Then, we will see... Thank a lot again
  14. Intel X3100 EFI Strings

    thx hack and good luck for your .5 install. Yes, I tried also deleting the integratedframebuffer but didn't get the result! I think i could try with a fresh install (the nth one, i must admit i have lost the count ....) :( I have tried with a fresh install and i'm always sticking with that damn black f* display! Hacktrix I have a question for you : should i have to cpoy the Display folder i found attached in one of your post too ????
  15. Intel X3100 EFI Strings

    ok. Hacktrix, i will try right now. So, no need of Intelgma950 kexts, put back IntelGMAX3100 e Intelintegratedframebuffer kext, place the hex string in boot.plist via efistudio, repairpermissions, reboot in safe mode(-x) and then reboot again in normal mode . Right ? Thank you a lot again. [EDIT] No way hack ! It's the same story. a damn black screen again !! I did exactly as written but nothing has changed. Efi studio gave me an "unable to write /tmp/com.apple.boot.plist..." error so i put the string by hand with the boot.plist editor. I think i did all right but it didnt work. What a pain in the ...