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  1. Maxxuss Exec_10.4.2 Patch

    mirror up btw, should i continue mirroring, since i don't really see a point as u have a website for yr files.
  2. winxp does have built-in support for zip files
  3. actually i think he meant that the iso was compressed inside the rar
  4. another http mirror up btw is the standalone tpm patch different from v0.5?
  5. oh and i just found out that the cursor will occasionally freeze and be stuck at a location and render the trackpad useless. reloading the kext will allow the trackpad to work again.
  6. Shutdown Issues

    i can do shutdown and restart w/o specifying anything. with x86pc, i can't shutdown but can restart.
  7. Battery usage on a Laptop

    be prepared when u set it to other power profiles. when i first installed, i tried that while i was running on battery and the system hanged and didn't respond. subsequently, after a forced reboot, i had to specify x86pc mode or i couldn't boot up. in the end i had to connect the power supply to boot up w/o specifying anything.
  8. have u tried using 0.4 mach_kernel with 0.3 coregraphics, etc?
  9. i got this error once after choosing to boot in osx86, ie, this appears just after i choose osx86 in boot menu. it just shows this message and it's stuck. just wondering what it is, seems like a random error since i only saw it once and haven't seen it before and can boot up normally in osx86.
  10. yeah i tried loading that kext but it didn't work either. now i'm wondering if we can install this proggy for it to work: http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/driv...usedscroll.html for that matter i wonder if we can install the other software listed there. looks like there's wireless, sound drivers etc.
  11. Soundmax Audio

    nope, no device detected whether in output or input.
  12. ok i know this is a minor problem, but i would like to get my trackpad working fully in normal/x86pc mode. now i can only use it to move the cursor around, but can't use tapping for left clicks and double clicks. i'll have to use the left trackpad button which is quite troublesome. the weird part is i got the tapping working in one session in normal/x86pc mode, while i was trying to patch some audio/hdd kext i think. then i decided to go into safe mode to see whether tapping works and it does work. any ideas? thanks. edit: i realised i forgot to add in the scroller buttons lol. anyway, these buttons simply help u scroll, ie press and hold to scroll up/down. not working in normal/x86pc mode. didn't try in safe mode though.
  13. ok i can confirm my dvdrw drive works. just popped in a few discs in and they were listed on desktop. no idea about burning though. only problem is i have to use eject to get a disc out, pressing the eject button on my drive doesn't work. however works only in x86pc mode though.
  14. Soundmax Audio

    hm... currently i'm not booting up in safe mode. i can boot up normally (which i believe to be acpi) or with platform=x86pc. hm.. maybe i'll just rename all the ati kexts, effectively disabling them. thanks for the tip anyway. edit: ok maybe i won't try renaming them since i read that may give some problems and i'm not in safe mode.