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    hi all, im gav from sheffield uk!! ive just gotten myself up and running on my home built pc and currently running 10.6.7 updated via software update!! its been a long slog but its been entertaining and over the last month i have learned alot about osx!! i'm trying to get pocket cam working with 10.6.7 not sure how to go about it so if theres anyone doing the same drop me a line!!
  2. can anyone give me the idiots guide for installing snow leopard on one of these? i have had a few attempts, first week i couldnt get anything to install, it kept coming up with various errors which eventually led me to a problem with my ram (only realised after not bieng able to install win7 or ubuntu) now the latest attempt got me to the end of the install but it said that it could not boot from the 'snow' partition and install had failed. i would lke to have it dual boot with win 7 (and also ubuntu netbook but ubuntu is not crucial, windows is though as i have some car diagnostics i need to keep) i have hazard's .iso and this one is the one that got to the end. i dont have access to a mac so used transmac to format usb with image of hazard .iso. if anyone can give me the install that worked for them i would be at thier mercy!!! cheers p.s i have searched for quite some time now but i have only found vague info and no guaranteed way of doing it!!