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    Acer Laptop users (Intel).

    No prob with speed, hav'nt noticed any lag. Tried multi tasking without any drama's. If its running all day it gets warm, thats normal 4 most laptops. Ive got a cooling pad that i use if im on it 4 hrs. I get 1.5-2hrs battery time, depending wot im doing. Ive installed speedstep, which should be helping out. The only wierdness ive found so far(2weeks) is the trackpad has a mind of its own occasionally. Ten hour battery IMPRESSIVE!!
  2. yourname

    Acer Laptop users (Intel).

    I have a Toshiba core2duo laptop with HD2400. Leopard doesnt support 2400 so i was unable to use it I was asked to restore a Acer extensa 5220 for a friend & while setting it up i tried running iATKOS on a usb hd. To my surprise everything works out of the box except bluetooth, sleep & EFI. So i brought 1(A$580) & for $10 got a usb bluetooth adaptor. The sound is {censored}(no surprise) but already had logitech V20 usb speakers. Am very happy with its performance for a $600 laptop running Leopard. SPECS: Celeron 1.86 2gig DDR2 80gig Sata 15.4 CrystalBrite DVD-Super Multi Dual Layer X3100 Intel High-Def audio Wireless Network Adapter (802.11 b/g) Ethernet (RJ-45) Firewire Bluetooth Crystal Eye Webcam 5-in-1 Card Read 4x USB2 1x Express Card
  3. yourname

    iATKOS is released (updated)

    375+(climbing by the second) d/loads in 1hr is a joke. Dont doubt iATKOS v1.0i is the real deal
  4. yourname

    ATI HD2600 Mobility Support

    Same prob here also, got HD2400 in Toshiba laptop. I didnt think it was connected to the video card cause iMac's use ATI HD2400/HD2600.
  5. Ive installed x86 BrazilMAC on my sis laptop (using a usb hard drive) which is a Toshiba A200 which installs/runs fine, when i try installing on my laptop (usb h/drive) also a Toshiba A200, it gets past the booting stage then it freezes up before it brings up the install gui. The diff between the 2 laptops - My sis is a Dual Core, Capell Valley(NAPA) m/board, GMA 950 video, Intel high def audio, Firewire, 1gig ddr2, 80gig sata. Mine is a Core 2 Duo, Santa Rosa m/board, ATI HD2400 video, Realtek high def audio, Firewire, 2gig ddr2, 250gig sata. I also have webcam fingerprint sensor & bluetooth. I think its something to do with Santa Rosa. Ive also tried installing ToH release which does exactly the same. Any advice would be awsome.
  6. Where can i get the post installation patch & how do i install it? Ive got Uphuck 10.4.9 1.4r3 which does'nt need the post patch to boot. Thanks
  7. yourname

    Post Your Leopard Desktop...

    This is my desktop. Til i can get a bootloader!
  8. yourname

    Leopard GM 9a581 Patched for Intel

    Far as i know it still cant be used. I use a D-Link GWL G122 usb adapter & installed the ralink drivers.
  9. yourname

    Leopard GM 9a581 Patched for Intel

    How did you get it 2 install from tiger? Im currently running Uphuck 10.4.9v1.4i.
  10. yourname

    Leopard GM 9a581 Patched for Intel

    Wish i knew OS as well as i know Windows & i would patch it also but im not @ that level YET.
  11. yourname

    Leopard GM 9a581 Patched for Intel

    It seems this dvd wont load on most computers. Have tried it on 4 diff systems now and it either freeze's or restarts while its booting the disk. Only 1 or 2 ppl on demon have said they have got it to work so far. Guess will have to wait for iATKOS release.
  12. Grabbed the patched Leopard file from green demon. It seems to be have probs installing 4 me. Has anyone managed to get it installed yet? Im installing on a Toshiba core 2 duo, 2gig ddr2, ati hd2400, 3945abg wireless, realtek high def audio,
  13. Im sold on this very nice laptop which has a ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2600 video card. Just wondering & REALLY hoping that it will work with Leopard. I know the iMac use the same card(more or less) so it should be able to atleast run in basic mode right, if not with part/full acceleration?
  14. Im guessing uphuck is missing certain files that iLife require's to install. It would be nice to play with it while waiting for next friday to come by if it is possible.
  15. yourname

    Fact or Crap?

    Apple as early as Tuesday is expected to make a Leopard-related announcement to both customers and members of the media, AppleInsider has learned. After cutting it close near the tail-end of the software's development cycle, the stars appear to have finally fallen into alignment after a Gold Master candidate build surfaced internally this past weekend. Obviously, an impending announcement would concern availability, as much else about Leopard has been out in the open for quite some time. AppleInsider had previously pinned Leopard's launch for 6:00 p.m. on Friday Oct. 26 -- a date and time which several publications, include our friends at ifoAppleStore, now appear to be confirming. Link 9A581 is reported to be the GM build.