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    Hello, I´m afraid I cann´t help you but I am thinking on buying a similar system as yours, so I am interest on: - Which method have you used, which kexts you have, any special workarounds you had to take.... - what is working and what isn´t in you system. Thanks in advanced.
  2. check this: Mammoth´s guides of hp pavilion systems You have all the info you can need there.
  3. @atlee: Thanks! I don´t know anything about DSDT and I didn´t know that what I was asking for was that absurd. I have a DSDT made by great Mald0n and I have started "playing around" with it in order to understand a bit more.
  4. @atlee: could you upload thad doc? I need help understanding DSDT. @To the rest: here there is a good post explaining DSDT basics: http://forum.thinkpads.com/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=85344
  5. DSDT Auto-Patcher

    Hi Mald0n, I have installed SL 10.6.7 following Mammoth's method and next I would like to try with DSDT. I would really appreciate if you could generate a DSDT for me. Thanks in advanced. Here is my send_me.zip. send_me.zip My system specs are: HP Pavilion DV7-3180es (WA007EA) CPU: DualCore Intel Core i5 520M, (2,4 GHz, 3 MB L2 cache) Chipset: Intel Ibex Peak-M PM55, Intel Ironlake-M BIOS Version: F.1D Video: NVIDIA GeForce GT 230M (1024 MB) Memory : 8182 MB (2 x 4 GB DDR3) LAN: Realtek RTL8168D/8111D PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Adapter Wi-Fi: Broadcom BCM43225 802.11b/g/n Wireless Network Adapter Audio: IDT 92HD75B3X5 @ Intel Ibex Peak PCH - High Audio Controller
  6. @Mammoth I just tested the new MIID for i3i5. - during the installation neither the keyboard or the left usb ports worker. so I had to make a single USB with MIID + XIID in order to have the mouse in one of the left USBs. - I had an error running the Finish script because the taptun_1066 kernel was missing. May be this is because I was using the "old" Cham isntallation, and theb Finish script may be outdated. I included 1097 the file in the MIID and it worked. - after installation, it boots in 10.6.3. Darwin Kernel Version 10.4.0: Mon Dec 6 17:32:42 EST 2010; ModCD Kernel v4 :/Users/nawcom/Builds/bootcd-1504.7.4/BUILD/obj/RELEASE_I386.
  7. I booted with the VANILLA 10.6.7 (mach_kernel) and it worked. uname -v --> Darwin Kernel Version 10.7.0: Sat Jan 29 15:16:10 PST 2011; root:xnu-1504.9.37~1/RELEASE_X86_64. Now I am installing again with the new i3i5 MIID. I had to create a new USB with the MIID + XIID both on the same USB in order to leaver one USB port free for the mouse. Because with this MIID I have no kwyboard and the left USBs don´t work which is the main problem I am having to use this version. I will post results soon.
  8. I know my busratio is 18 but I don´t know how to do this test, I mean, how to boot with Apple´s VANILLA 10.6.6 or 10.6.7. If you explain me a bit I am eager to try. I have all the afternoon free to test. I was planning on testing the new MIID for i5 in one of my Test partition. I have a Finish_test modified script that addresses this partition and everything else ready. Thanks for the advice. I have done nothing with DSDTs yet (and I am completly ignorant about it), but that will be phase 2. As I said before, that´s something all the i5 owners con work together with one we are all at the same installation point.
  9. I now have ethernet working. I don´t really know anythig about kexts, but as I had internet in the Nawcom system, I copied the IONetworkingFamily.ketx from the nawcom's /Extra/Extensions to the Cham partition, and it seems to work. Try it just in case. It worked for me. Also, why does taptun's 10.6.7 kernel work for me? I also have an i5.
  10. That happended to me as well (the keyboard and tracpad not working issue) but I couldn´t test much because I had to go t a funeral of a great Macintosh fan. I just booted with the new MIID and the XIID and got to the language selection screen. I will be trying again this afternoon with the new MIID. But appart from that, I have 2 partitions with OSX: - one with mammoths method, 10.6.7, no internet and no sound but all USBs working. The only problem I had to install this one was that when I installed the 10.6.3, it didn´t boot so I had to use the other one in order to upgrade to 10.6.6, and thin I coudl boot OK. Also, the Enable audio scriopt didn´t work for me becasuse I have no sound. - one with nawcom's with 10.6.3 with internet but only left USBs working. I have this one to allow me to boot in case of problems with the other one, and to compare both. So this means that it has to be possible to have it all working on the same system. I am not doing anything with DSDT yet but as we have a similar system (ekwj, neite and Himura84) we can work on it together with mamoth and DSDT experts later, after we are all at the same point.
  11. I have just downloaded it but I have to go to work. I will be trying in 8 hours time. I still cann´t believe what you are doing to help us. Great thread, great method and even better support.
  12. To ekwj: I just arrived from the weekend. I have my system quite ok now. I wanted to go on playing and testing, so this is what I did: 1º partition my disk in 6 partitions: (I have an extra HD just for the OSX); 1 - Cham 1 GB 2 - Macintosh HD 160 GB 3 - nawcom mac 160 GB 4 - test1 - 140 GB --> this one is to play around 5 - test2 - 140 GB --> this one is to play around a bit more 6 - OSX Restore - the rest 2º Boot with the MIID + XIID and restore the CII_DV8_F.25.....dmg into the Cham partition and install Osx into the Macintosh HD following mammoth´s guide. Run the "Finish" script. 3º Boot with nawcom´s modCD + XIID and install osx in nawcom mac partition. After this, I could run OSX from nawcom mac, but not from Macintosh HD. 4º Copy the update combo dmg in test1 (because I had no extra USB device) partition and after booting in nawcom mac, install the upgrade into the Macintosh HD partition, and change the com.apple.boot.list following mammoth´s guide. I did run the enable Audio script but it didn´t work ar at least, I had no sound. Now my mammoth system is booting OK. All USB ports OK. No sound. 5º I am now going to upgrade to 10.6.7. I will post the results tomorrow. To Mammoth, tomorrow I wil try your new MIIF. I will post that too. This is exciting, and as blacosx says, "Don't forget to have fun and enjoy this hobby". see you tomorrow.
  13. It happened the same to me. I couldn´t boot from the HD, only from the MIID and the USB ports were not working either. As I had no internet and no access to USB, I am also stuck.
  14. Hi! I´ve just installed again with NOWCOM legacy_kernel. I am a bit stuck at the moment: no ethernet, no USB ports, and Cham no bootable. But I keep trying.
  15. I am at work at the moment. Hopefully will be back at home in 8 hours and will try everything again. I cann´t wait