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    Not Working *argh*

    I have Mac OS X 10.4.9 working almost flawlessly on my E520, only thing not working is the onboard ethernet but I had a RTL819C lying around that sorted out networking. My tip for getting the install booting is to use the 10.4.8 Intel only reseed, that one installed just fine for me. Used AppleHDA patcher with a Sigmatel9227 dump to get the sound working and Natit to get my ATI X1300 working. Hope it helps.
  2. ddew

    10.4.9 Released

    I'm interested in learning more and being able to mess around with .kext's "on my own". Any pointers on where I should start looking for info getting my X1300 256MB to run? The files on Diabolik's site won't work since this card has got a different device id. Thanks in advance.
  3. ddew

    10.4.9 Released

    Any chance of looking at the X1300(7183) while you're at it? I messed around with pacifist and installed some .kext's without any success. Figured I'd leave it to the experts. :mellow:
  4. Here's a "screenshot" of the kernel panic, hope it helps.
  5. ddew

    ati x 1300 pro 256mb

    I'd be happy to just have a working system where I can watch video etc. So far it's the only thing holding this Dell E520 back.
  6. How do you mean? The fglrx driver works with this card but the radeon driver in x.org doesn't support it. They don't support anything over rv4xx if I'm not mistaken.
  7. ddew

    ati x 1300 pro 256mb

    Been messing around with the various .kext's out there and the best I can get is resolution change without any acceleration at all. Video playback won't work although the display seems faster than VESA. I'm starting to wish that there were GMA X3000 drivers available so I could use my integrated video instead.
  8. ddew

    ati x 1300 pro 256mb

    Here's my card, reschange works but high contrast and no QE/CI: Radeon X1300 Series: Chipset Model: Radeon X1300 Series Type: Display Bus: PCIe VRAM (Total): 256 MB Vendor: ATI (0x1002) Device ID: 0x7183 If I manually add the Device ID to ATIRadeonX1000.kext the system kernel panics.
  9. I've been doing some reading on my specific card and there are a few changes from the "old" X1300. Turns out the one I have, 7183, differs from the older one at 7142. The previous version had an RV515 core and this one's got an RV516, the only change I can see is the manufacturing process when they switched fabs and went to a 90nm core. Still that shouldn't be that much of a change, should it? I'm assuming that they're compatible as no functions have changed. Any hints on what my next step should be? Thanks for the effort on the drivers, it really takes some dedication.
  10. I've repaired everything as needed, chmodded etc but the best I can get is a kernel panic. Without that .kext I get a semi-working card with extremely high contrast, no QE/CI and no VGA output, only DVI working with a vga-adapter. I should've been clearer but I'm busy trying out various drivers and modding whatever I can find. Any more info you want, like ioreg dumps and so on?
  11. I've been trying to get my vid card, an ATI X1300, working and this driver solution seemed like the best choice. I've installed the driver and latest X1300 .kext from diabolik's site but I can't get QE/CI going. The card is a X1300Pro with the device ID 7183 and so far I've only seen 7142 mentioned. I tried editing ATIRadeonX1000.kext manually to add my card to it but that only results in a kernel panic when I try to boot. Anything I can do to either get it working properly or to help out in the testing?