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  1. 10.4.3 Wont Recgnize my HDD

    I spoke too soon, it installed but I get the dreaded "You need to restart your system" message, you would think it'd be painless on my laptop, I had way less trouble getting it to install on my AMD rig
  2. 10.4.3 Wont Recgnize my HDD

    I found a way around it, I installed darwin, then installed 10.4.3 over it, and it works like a charm, thank god I made that Darwin CD those months ago I don't have the DVD burner, just reader, but it does burn CD (which is worthless for me)
  3. Installing 10.4.3 on my laptop, but it won't recognize my harddrive. It's a Compaq nx9600 P4 3.4GHz 512MB Radeon X600 Mobility (128) 90GB (not sure if it's SATA or IDE........pretty sure SATA) But it boots up but when it asks for destination........my HDD doesn't show up. Any tips?
  4. So I did my essay for class, typed it out, put it on flash disc. Turned off power on monitor went to sleep like I always do. At the time I had 42.7GB free on my OSX harddrive. I come home for lunch to hope on line, and I have a nice little window telling me, I have no freespace left at all. I'm thinking it's just a mistake, I try downloading items.........I can't I have no fere space left. So I would like to....from the time I went to bed (4:30am) to the time I came home for lunch (12:45pm).........WTF could have taken up 41.7GB of harddrive space without me knowing? .DS files are turned off......so yeah.....I would so love to know how to get my 41.7GB back
  5. ichat takes ages to launch

    Nevermind, I misread
  6. AdiumX 1.00svn (Universal Binary)

    Yeah I'm getting even more glitches, I can't change anything, if I try to change the font color, it automatically sets it back to the default. It won't let me change anything basically
  7. AdiumX 1.00svn (Universal Binary)

    Anyone else not have sound with this buld of Adium? I miss my Tokyo Trainstation sound pack
  8. Well I got everything up and running very quickly, HUGE difference in performance for me, I went from a 72 in 10.4.1 to a 89 in 10.4.3 I have the occasional Safari Crash, and if I use itunes and go to the burning menu, iTuens crashes even though my DVD/CD Burner is recognized by OSX and usable (I didn't have the crashing in 10.4.1) OSX86 10.4.3 AMD 3500+ Clawhammer MSI Neo 2 Platinum 1 GIG Crucial Ballistix 80GB Windows HDD (Dying) 80GB OSX86 HDD 6800NU AGP
  9. Best P2P for Osx86?

  10. I'm still lost, I have a MSI Neo Platinum 2, and that's a Nforce 3 board, so mine should read pci10de,e2 Correct? There are two lines of pci already entered, do I just delete one, and replace the other with pci10de,e2?
  11. where do you look to find your AGP to CPU bus ID?
  12. New Safari?

    I have it working without Rosetta (install and just ran it) and I have flash working, and no crashing upon exit. It's decently quick. I used TinkerTools to mess with Safari a little. Might want to look into it.
  13. Sound works.... but "slow".

    Most likely it's because of your HD read/write speed, you're going to have to enable UDMA for the NForce boards. It's in the hardware section of this forum
  14. Not to be an ass........but if it was as simple as buying OSX and installing it.........don't you think this site would be.........pointless?