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  1. Well, the security update is actually quite important because it fixes a serious vulnerability. Installing any "Firmware" updates on a Hackintosh will most certainly break your installation, they're only meant for the hardware mentioned in the title/file name. RAW compatibility updates only provide support for RAW file formats used in new(ish) digital cameras, those are safe to install but won't provide any new functionality unless you own one of the cameras listed. So, back to "Security Update 2014-002" – I take it no one's tried to update yet?
  2. Has anyone taken the plunge yet and installed today's security update (Security Update 2014-002) via "Software Update..."? Am of course curious whether or not it would break anything. Here's the list of KEXTs the package contains:
  3. @MetalFishX I'm pretty sure that the computer's hardware serial is - if at all - only a minor factor in iCloud authentication. I use my iCloud account with five devices on a daily basis (my Mac Pro, Macbook Air, iPhone, iPad, and my first generation Surface) and have no troubles signing in or out of any of them (*). I've also used it on other people's Macs (wife's Macbook, Dad's Macbook Pro), and never had an issue relating to the hardware. What iCloud looks at is your Apple ID (= email address), the associated password, and - if you've set it up - Apple's two-step verification (link). (* – Aside from the Surface's problems being recognized as proper Apple hardware, which I've outlined in an earlier post)
  4. (surface1osx) Very odd, this one. All of the sudden this morning, and for no reason I can discern, Clover's boot partition selector no longer shows up when I turn on my Surface. I reinstalled Clover, rebooted, but it remains gone. Anyone see this before, or better yet, any ideas on how to fix it? Never mind, it's back. No idea why but it works now.
  5. Not as far as I know – maybe one of our fellow Surface users here has found a fix?
  6. @doannis, you probably have the UPDD driver installed. If I install the version without pen proximity, the pen and touch digitizer work fine but I can no longer control the volume via the hw-buttons on the side of the Surface. When I install the version that does support proximity, I can use the volume buttons but the driver won't let me calibrate the pen. I've made Dave from Touch-Base aware of this but haven't heard back from him yet.
  7. (surfacepro1osx) More anecdotal evidence... updated to 10.9.2 via "Apple Menu > Software Update..." a few minutes ago without a hiccup. Took me through some odd set-up procedure (almost like a reinstall), which did *not* happen on any of my 'real' Macs but nothing detrimental from what I can tell. Seems to work the same as before.
  8. Same thing happens on my 1st gen Surface Pro. Seeing as you have the same prolem, I doubt it's an issue with the hardware (1st or 2nd gen Surface Pro) so much as it is with the driver itself. Also quite possible that both generations of the Surface Pro share the same audio chip and that it just isn't that fond of the VoodoHDA kext (or vice versa)?
  9. 1. As long as you have access to another Mac, you can enable screen sharing on the Surface ("System Preferences > Sharing > check the box next to Screen Sharing") and control the surface from there if its display resolution is messed up. If you "only" have access to a Windows/Linux box, go back to the "Sharing" pref panel, click in "Computer Settings..." and enable the VNC access there. Then you can remotely control OS X using a VNC client running on your Windows/Linux box. 2. I haven't tried every possible permutation but the only ones I've found to work are the native one (duh!), the scaled resolution Jah posted on the front page and the resulting HiDPI one.
  10. I have the same issues, swyner. Following the steps in this thread, I can set it up so it works exactly once until I reboot and/or change the network interface (i.e. from USB Ethernet to USB Wifi or vice versa), thn it always asks me for my iCloud password upon reboot and iMessage and FaceTime no longer work. The only thing I can always get to work is Apple's App Store. I've pretty much given up on iMessage for the time being. Works fine here with 1080p mkv files either locally on SSD or from media server via Wifi, using latest VLC or MPlayer. Give MPlayerX a try, it's relatively old by now but much better than VLC, which is a total resource hog on the Mac.
  11. @issaacxu, follow this guide to download the 8.1 ISO directly from Microsoft's website. Worked perfectly for me.
  12. ^ Good point! Apple's USB Ethernet adapter works without an additional driver under OS X but needs one to work under Windows. Forget all the nonsense you read online about unsigned drivers downloaded from the Asix website. Simply download Apple's BootCamp support pack from here: "http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1638", extract the driver from the archive (BootCamp5.0.5033/BootCamp/Drivers/Asix/AsixSetup64.exe) and install away. (surfaceosx)
  13. @osxlander – worked like a charm. Thank you kindly, Dear Sir!
  14. (surfaceosx) Question re: Touch-Base drivers. I'm using the latest trial version of the driver, my Pen has one of the supported PIDs (0x07A9, as mentioned in their website's latest update from today), and yet the driver does not take control of the Pen When I open the UPDD Console, I can adjust settings for the touch digitizer, but the Pen doesn't even show up. It should do so following a click in the highlighted section of the screenshot below, no? For me, the "Atmel, maXTouch Digitizer (8xxx)" is not clickable. Anyone have any tips on how to get this working properly? Thanks!
  15. (surfaceosx) @swyner, you mean a plain old USB-Ethernet-adapter? I've got the one Apple is selling and it works fine, see photo below. @Jah: As for the mini Display Port on the Surface, I've got an Apple mini-DP to DVI adapter I normally use with my Macbook Air and that works fine, too.