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  1. i've also had a lot of problems with a slow install. i eventually gave up with hacked os x and bought a powerbook. it would take like three hours to install. it was crazy.
  2. I think Mac osx86 is slow for me why?

    probably for the same reason that he wants to run a hackintosh: because he's too cheap to get the real thing
  3. SSE2 and SSE3 information PLEASE READ

    Ya, but will it work on AMD?
  4. New JaS DVD (AMD, INTEL SSE2, SSE3)

    I've gotten the PPF and patched the iso. Going to burn again (at the slowest speed again) and see how things go. I haven't set anything to FSB=200, but I may try that. With the tub girl release it said that I had over 8gb of memory even though I only have 1.2. Perhaps I'll pull some sticks and see if that helps. Maybe this release doesn't like my memory configuration.
  5. New JaS DVD (AMD, INTEL SSE2, SSE3)

    Even getting to the gui installer can take as along as 30 minutes (the time it took for the ENTIRE install on the SAME machine using the last JaS release). It's not just slow.. it's slllloooooooowww
  6. New JaS DVD (AMD, INTEL SSE2, SSE3)

    You just have to be super patient and wait for it to do it's thing. It will finish eventually although it may take all night. I think we have the same motherboard (GA-k8nF-9 nvidia chipset) and there is some sort of incompatibility with the latest tubgirl release and this one. I have a feeling it has to do with FSB settings. Not sure. I've turned off SATA drives in the BIOS and it makes no difference (i'm installing to vanilla IDE hard drive here). JaS.. any idea what could be causing this?
  7. OSX 1048 AMD FINAL

    Do you happen to also have a GA-K8NF-9 motherboard with an nvidia chipset?
  8. New JaS DVD (AMD, INTEL SSE2, SSE3)

    Hey all. I'm having the same problem as tcpx where loading the gui installer is hella slow and after install the system is somewhat unresponsive (although usable and stable). I am using an AMD 3200+ on a GA-K8NF-9 motherboard with an nvidia chipset. I had previously installed the 10.4.7 JaS release and it wasn't this slow in the installer. Anyone else having a similar problem or know of a work around? I'm going to try disabling some things from the BIOS and changing the FSB to see if it makes any difference. Thanks, rami
  9. New JaS DVD (AMD, INTEL SSE2, SSE3)

    tcpx: honestly. the safest action would be to have one hard-drive that you want to install OSX to and disconnect the others. after installation, hook everything back up and install whatever boot loader you see fit. i've mucked up so many windows and linux installs by trying to shuffle multiple installs that it's not even funny. :S stay safe.. and back up first
  10. New JaS DVD (AMD, INTEL SSE2, SSE3)

    whee. if this works, i'll finally be able to go all osx. that would be just grand. come on guys! max out that upload!
  11. OSX 1048 AMD FINAL

    Has the install process been excruciatingly slow for anyone else?
  12. I didn't realize there were multiple releases. Can you link to the torrents?
  13. OSX 1048 AMD FINAL

    I tried it and had some serious issues with sluggish install and sluggish UI afterwards. Everything works (including my geforce with resolution switching, etc..) but it was too slow to use. I also had some weirdness about how much ram got detected (it found 8 times more than i had). I have a feeling it mis-detected the speed of my fsb. Who knows.
  14. i need ur suggestions for amd

    Mind pointing me to the VMware method? I have about the same setup as him and would like to give it a shot.
  15. Problem with the installation of mac osx86

    I had the same problem. It is easily solved by using both a USB keyboard and mouse. Make sure that in your BIOS, they are enabled.