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    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Problems with ALC 662 (v2 I guess) Doesnt show up at all. Soundblaster Audigy 2zs is also installed and working... CodecDump.zip
  2. xAyiDe

    AMD RX580 or ?

    Aha, that must be it. I have no iGPU. Forgott to add my signature with my build but I have Xeon E5 so no iGpu. I guess thats what makes this a bit harder with HEVC/H264.
  3. Odd, two replies from rocky12 in this thread dissapeared. Found part of it on google. is it dead?
  4. Would you be able to share your thinkstation s30 clover folder with me?


    i have s30 4352 with 1620 v2

  5. Odd, two replies from rocky12 in this thread dissapeared. Found part of it on google.
  6. Where did the other guys reply go? It vanished?
  7. Thank you I will try tomorrow night and see if it works and see if it is compiling in dsdt editor. Reply tomorrow evening. Thank you!
  8. I have a Lenovo Thinkstation S30 model 4352 with Xeon E5 1620 V2 and a Radeon HD 7750 card (gfx works OOB). I have problem getting CPU power management and USB 3.0 to work. CPU is always running at 1.2 Ghz and not even 3.7Ghz base nor the Turbo mode of 3.9 works. Usb 3.0 ports doesn't work at all. Not a hint of life at all. Can anyone here help me? I attached debug files..clover and IOReg and some more files. debug_23431.zip
  9. I have T460p and when booting I get a crossed round ring like "forbidden entry" sign. Why is that?
  10. With KEXT it does work but gets radeonframebuffer so HDMI sound is not working. Would rather have it with fakeID to get the HDMI audio and all things working natively. My card is 512MB, odd it has a different devID. Do you have sound hdmi working? Do you run in vmware with VT-D as me? Was thinking maybe buy another low power card that is natively supported if there is something with clover and vmware not beeing right. Is 6450 or 8450 any good? Or maybe R5 230 or R7 240. I saw R7 250X is OOB supported but that is rather beefy card for office/surf/htpc
  11. Hello, I have tried to get my ASUS EAH HD5450 (0x68E1 1002) to work in vmware with Clover using FakeID. But whatever I do the ID is not beeing faked. SMBIOS fake works but the HD5450 is just not faked to 68E01002 which is the preferred. Is this supposed to work in Vmware?
  12. I have installed OS X 10.11.5 in vmware with correct smbios strings to emulate real mac which works. I the try to install Clover to solve the proiblem with my ATI Radeon HD5450. I did disable SIP from recovery mode in OS X. I install Clover as ESP install. I reboot the VM and enter bios to boot from default disk instead of MAC OS X UEFI Entry. Clover loads and shows a selection of MAC OS X and recovery HD. I choose MAC OS X and the VM immediately turns off instead of booting. Anything I missed?
  13. xAyiDe


    That Radeon9200pack.dmg used on 10.4.8 makes the os boot via textmode. Then graphics works fine. But the shutdown procedure is broken to. It halts on some error then reboots. Any solution?
  14. AFAIK the best driver is CompaqX1000.dmg. I just wonder if goodtimes new 9200 drivers are posted yet. Since installing X1000 drivers will make OSX display a lot of textlines on startup and also generates some halt error bug on shutdown using 10.4.8. Anyone have any good drivers instead of X1000 if not gooditme posted his new ones somwhere. Also callisto doesnt seem available anywhere, anyone wants to post them?