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  1. P67A-UD3 10.6.6 Build Notes

    @maleorderbride: i was curious, does busratio=25 work with the legacy_kernel, say for 10.6.3 or 10.6.6?
  2. Yako, That's funny you were able to find my comment about an HP Pavilion dv1000... I am using my 132Jupiter boot disc to boot the machine AND (VERY IMPORTANT) connect an external LCD monitor to the dv1000 When you swap the discs, and press F5, press tab - then type the following arguments: -v GraphicsEnabler=No -arch=i386 {Press Enter} As soon as you see PAE at the top of the screen, press Fn+F4 at least three times, so that the display ONLY outputs onto the external LCD monitor Install SL, it will say the install failed, don't panic, it did actually install, it just couldn't bless the volume. Now, drop in the 132Jupter disc again, and then boot from it using the same arguments from above, do the Fn+F4 trick when you see PAE at the top, you'll boot into OSX from the hard drive, and then install Natit.kext (google it with 0x2a728086) into /System/Library/Extensions, and then in terminal sudo -s kextload /System/Library/Extensions/Natit.kext, now you'll be able to use the laptop's LCD screen After that, you'll have to create a DSDT file for the laptop, and then configure basic settings like installing Chameleon RC4, and all kexts as loaded from 132Jupiter. It is also important that you find a 32-bit VoodooHDA.kext, VoodooPS2Trackpad.kext (or VoodooPS2Controller.kext)... You do NOT need to mess with the 950GMA kexts to get QE/CI working (it already works) Sorry the notes are a jumbled mess -- I'm writing it from memory, and haven't even started working on a doc. FYI, the intel 3945ABG PCIe WIFI card does not work in SL. It's easier if you get a USB Wifi adapter based on a Realtek chip.... Helpful, not helpful? IanT
  3. Everyone, Apologies again for being MIA. Been working on getting a vanilla install of SL 10.6.3 on an HP Pavilion dv1000. I have finally suceeded. I'm slowly, but surely returning to the community. I've also got SL 10.6.0 running on a Zotac ION-ITX. But, for whatever reason it won't boot without the 132Jupiter boot disc. I may need to use AsereBin's booter instead. More news to come, stay tuned.
  4. Did you set the power settings as listed in the PDF? Did you also ensure that your SATA Configuration is set to AHCI and not Compatible or Legacy? IanT
  5. Nope, not dead -- Suffered another loss in the family -- This is life -- C'est la vie... I'm pretty sure peeps are still look for the guides... I know, I've said this before, I'm aiming for a guide before July 4th, 2010. IanT
  6. UPDATED ON APRIL 21, 2010 @ 10:15PM PST Everyone, Yes yes, I know, you are still wondering where the new stuffs are at... I need some help -- I need to fix marsbooter.sh, and to do that I need some help with regards to bash/shell scripting -- anyone out got these mad skills? Eventually, I'll be working on an install package that will do most of everything -- that's going to take me a while though. For the impatient, you can always look at Kakewalk, but I must warn you it's made for specific motherboards. As for the Dual Boot Guides -- Yes, they are coming... yeah yeah, I know you've heard that from me -- but, like I said earlier, have had to deal with a loss in the family, and I got a new job, back to being an information systems engineer building Windoze images and heavy scripting without SMS or SCCM as a delivery mechanism... yay! (not) So, what am I asking the community or the members who check back on this post? I'm asking for your input, what do YOU want to see in the guides? What can I do to make it better? Does anyone want to translate the PDFs into another language? etc etc... Hit me up! Peace, IanT
  7. Everyone, Stay tuned for updates... IanT
  8. llobster, Make sure you aren't using dsmos.kext, instead use fakesmc.kext v2.5 from netkas. -- Also, make sure you are running the correct version of SleepEnabler.kext and also NullCPUPowerManagement.kext. Lastly, the on-board NIC, as I stated in my guide, that LAN2 closest to the coaxial SPDIF port is the one that works with skge.kext. The other is not supported under skge.kext, and is disabled in BIOS. About the SATA Port, yeah usually SATA PORT 0 is preferred for Snow, but I've done it with SATA PORT 1 and it works great. I think I also said that I did state that I don't use Power Management - sleep or the like, ever -- so I can't really help you out on that issue. Regards, IanT
  9. Thanks for your understanding, and thank you for updating your findings Regards, IanT
  10. Everyone, I'm sorry that I have been MIA -- I have had to deal with a recent tragic loss in the family, as well as being only Information Systems Engineer at my company (the only other person was let go this past Thursday). As you can understand, I do not have any free time to devote to my hobbies. I ask that every please bear with me for just a while longer, and I will produce what I have promised. Best regards, IanT floordance, In the future, can you please be a bit more specific on what you mean by dual-boot? The guides that I will be releasing will cover both a single drive, two partition installation scheme, and another that covers a dual drive installation scheme. Also, the guides I will release won't ever give anyone that dreaded BOOTMGR issue. Thanks, IanT
  11. Everyone, I'm really sorry for going MIA again -- I've been so busy that I haven't even been able to unbox and sort my {censored} when I moved into my new digs... I just saw that Netkas released PC EFI 10.6, I'll be updating the boot discs obviously -- Especially for you ATI Radeon HD 4xxx users... I also picked up two ATI Radeon HD 4350's, and a 4650. I'll be picking up a 5xxx sometime soon -- The support directory will be updated in the next seven days -- I'm pretty sure I can get that out quickly... If any of you has bash scripting experience in Mac OS X and would like to help me test and introduce better methods for marsbooter.sh, send me a message or hit me up on jabber! Peace, IanT floordance, Yes, I'm still going to release the dual-boot guides!!! I know I know, I keep saying that -- but hey, it'll be as clean and easy to read like my other two PDF guides! I personally wouldn't use the Unofficial Chameleon RC4 Installer by Dr. Hurt (I think)... No offense is meant to him, I believe he's doing a great service for those who are newcomers to Mac OS X on the PC. That's why I created marsbooter.sh (the installation script with three options). As with anything, any updates or changes we make to an existing system that is pristine, can carry some risk; so my advice to you is to use caution but to also expect the unexpected. As for 10.6.3, I know it'll be coming down the pipe soon, and no-doubt that Apple has added or removed some items, whether it's in the kernel itself, or a kext or a slew of kexts.... So, until I get word from Netkas (more or less read his blog), I won't update the PDFs for 10.6.3. But, I will when he's released the simple how-to... I hope the above answers some of your questions...! You can always hit me up via message or private message so we can exchange AIM/Yahoo!/Jabber/etc.... Peace, IanT
  12. DarkFlagster, Someone said they were able to. Please remember, that the guide shows to use an original SL DVD.. IanT floordance, Cool tidbit for everyone else -- I think I'll have sometime in terms of updating the SUPPORT folder as well as the relevant scripts this weekend. I'm moving the rest of my {censored} into my new apartment this weekend. I also have new hardware to work with -- Lastly, I'll be releasing a boot disc that'll work for the ATI Radeon HD 4350 or 4650 this weekend as well -- It uses Netkas' beta booter for GraphicsEnabler support. However, you must add your device-ids to the specified kexts prior to burning it -- or you can just do this after you install SL, and after 10.6.2 combo update. Peace, IanT
  13. Xtro, Originally, my script only installed Chameleon to the SL partition, that's until I added the manual input of the disk to use (e.g., disk0s9, etc.), and then the method to install to the EFI partition (which I'm still ironing out). So, yes. =) Peace, IanT
  14. an_idiot, It is fairly easy to add kexts to either of my image files, on a Mac. But, afaik, you can't do this on a PC... I completely forgot to add the skge.kext for the Marvell Gigabit Network Adapter (88E8056). My bad... If you zip up your kexts, I can create a custom image file for you. Peace, IanT *afaik = as far as i know Everyone, I completely forgot I had separated out the boot images, one for P5Q and the other for P5Q-E. If I can remember correctly.... I'll just make them universal for either, and I will add skge.kext to both of them. The AppleVIAATA.kext should work for the JMB3xx PATA adapter that's on either board. Anyways, if anyone has a problem -- Reply and I'll take care of it. Peace, IanT