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  1. Found this post on the vmware board about OpenGL drivers: http://communities.vmware.com/message/1894455 Is this also helpfull for Mac OS?
  2. I'am using a Lion 10.6.8 virtual machine on workstation 8.0.1 (on windows 7 X64). I use this VM-machine to do some development for IOS using Monotouch and X-code. The Machine is running fine with one execption! If i don't use the VM for a while then the mousepointers dissappears in the VM. At this moment there is no way to get the mouse pointer or focus again to the VM. The only possible solution is to restart the VM to get the mouspointer back! Any solutions for this issue?
  3. I used Leopard Snow 10.6.8 on VMWARE 7.1 for IOS development. After upgrading to Workstation 8. the simulator doesn't dispay anything anymore. The IOS Simulator starts up but no display at all. I used Donk unlocker for WS8.0 and updated the VMtools with the Darwin.ISO inside Donk's unlocker (Fusion 4.0.1). After that i installed Zenith lates VGA2 driver. Before the upgrade the simulator displayed fine! I believe i had the beta drive from Zenith installed with some Quartz support. Is Quartz resonsible for displaying the windows inside the simulator? Were do is find this Beta with Quartz support for WS8.0? I know have to attach a device every time a want to test some of my applications. This is anoying! In know i should buy a MAC!, but i just startet with IOS development . I am a windows boy, who just enterd the world of apple! Edit SOLVED: When i turned off the flag "3d acceleration" for graphics in WS8 the simulator works as before!!