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  1. My apologies, I forgot to include the results of the boot flags. Here they are: -f -v: loads through kexts w/ grey background, goes to black bg and sticks at same spot. -v GraphicsEnabler=No: sticks at "SCMInABadState ERROR: SMC is stuck and cannot recover, SystemShutdown false" arch=i386: apple logo, spinning pinwheel -x -v: as it runs through, the volume "seems to be OK." But this is interesting - take a look at the virtualbox.kext bits, it's the last thing before the dreaded "SMC is stuck" message. Does that provide any insight? Pardon my naivete about this stuff. Tom
  2. ...it shouldn't be this hard! I am trying to clone a functional Hackintosh HDD (OSX 10.6.7) to a new OCZ Vertex 3 120GB SSD on my Dell Mini 10v, using Carbon Copy Cloner and various bootloaders (tried one after another) to properly prepare the new drive. CCC cloned just fine, but when inserted into the Dell, the SSD gets stuck at the Apple logo / icon. When loading Mulitbeast w/ Chimera: Apple Logo is stretched, like it's not displaying correctly. No spinning pinwheel. Booting with a -v flag starts verbose mode (with a grey background screen), but then quickly disappears into a black screen and freezes with no verbosity. I think the last several lines that are displayed before blackness starts with "UHCI Controller: ..." When loading NetbookInstaller 0.8.5pre, the Apple logo is correctly displayed and I get a pinwheel, but it stays like that indefinitely. I am, however, able to boot in verbose mode. Here is the screenshot where it freezes. I have also tried several Chameleon bootloaders, but none work. I was expecting to use some of the great software many of you have written and contributed to, so I'm baffled as to why this won't work. Ideas? Thanks very much in advance, you Gods of Hack. `Tom
  3. Kernel Panic! Kext issue, OpenHaltRestart

    Dellmantt, Thank you so very much for your continued assistance; I'm blessed to have folks like you and DotHacker who give their time to help the more clueless of us! After changing the BIOS to boot from the external USB DVD, the retail Mac 10.6.3 (not burned, real Install copy with the cat on it) is returning: "Reboot and select proper Boot device or insert Boot media in selected Boot device and press a key" Why wouldn't the eee pc recognize the retail DVD?
  4. Kernel Panic! Kext issue, OpenHaltRestart

    Booting in -s is how I got the screenshot that I included originally. It pauses in a "System uptime in a zillion nanoseconds" line and I can't get a command line. Q: from an external DVD player, how does one boot from a MAC OS retail DVD, without actually overwriting the HD and installing the OS? Does the external DVD have to be USB or firewire? Thanks again, Tom
  5. Kernel Panic! Kext issue, OpenHaltRestart

    Hi there. Me again. Would there be any other options that might come to mind? Can I find a way to command-line my way to deleting the openhaltrestart.kext file through a special boot command? Thank you again DotHacker, Tom
  6. Kernel Panic! Kext issue, OpenHaltRestart

    O Venerable Legend DotHacker, Thanks for your reply. When I boot with -x, I still get a KP message. I also get the "Hibernate image is too old, use ForceWake=y to override" message, but I've been told to ignore that. Any other ideas come to mind? Thank you again, Tom
  7. Hello there, I seem to have gotten myself into a great pickle. Here's the situation: A hackintosh boot on an Asus 1000HE was working until I installed the OpenHaltRestart.kext file to make it sleep properly. Big mistake. I'm now getting a kernel panic with the code that's on the attached picture. I've then booted from a Ubuntu Live USB, so I could manually delete the kext file and boot up Mac OS 10.6.3 again. Ubuntu wouldn't let me b/c I wasn't logged in as root (sudo command), so I restarted and Voila... now the Mac OS partition on Ubuntu OS won't mount. Ugh. OK so now I'm completely out of ideas. Any help would be greatly appreciated, for I know not where to turn from here. Thank you so very much in advance, from the tips of my tired fingers to the lashes of my bloodshot eyes. Tom