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  1. Hi everybody, I thought of a way to keep my HDD clean and only have the latest version of an application on it, so I do not have to download the latest version manually every time. So, my idea was, if there is an application that can do this with a user specified list of applications that are stored on the hard drive and which the program is keeping updated by sporadically searching on the developers site or sites like Macupdate or Versiontracker. I would like to know if there is such a piece of software or (if) only for installed software, not the plain archives/installer files. Does anyone know by coincidence about such an application? This would be really great and save me a lot of time! Thx. Cyman
  2. Hey everybody, I have been having a strange problem with Firefox and Flock since a few days. Every time I want to download a file I get an error message saying that saving the file wasn't possible and I hae to retry downloading/saving the file to another folder, but I already tried things like starting Firefox in safe mode, changing the download location back and forth, deleting related files from the Firefox profiles folder but nothing worked. The strangest thing is that it also affects Flock. I really cannot tell why this is happening, because all I did recently was moving my downloads folder from one partition to another, but this shouldn't have such an effect on Firefox/Flock or does anyone have similar experiences? Here is a screenshot of such an error message, maybe someone can figure out what is going wrong. Any help would be appreciated, thx! BTW, I also have a problem with Preview.app that also doesn't seem to work anymore - I don't know if there is any relation, but it seems that both problems appeared at the same time. I also have to mention that I already repaired the permissions on the Mac HD and I also reinstalled the 10.5.4 update but none of these solved the problems! At least it seems that I can use the right click "Save as..." feature in Firefox again, which didn't work yesterday. So, again any help would be aprreciated!
  3. Thx for the detailed answer. Of course a 30" screen is quite pretty but for me it would be too big to sit in front of when working at the desk, that is why I wanted to hook my Mac up to a bigger 40-inch Full HD-TV screen but with a bigger distance to sit from when working with it. What is also nice is the price estimation of the two computers although one has to note that the iMac comes with 2GB of RAM and 500GB HDD instead of the standard 1GB and 320GB respectively. Well, I think I will have to make up my mind on this until this weekend, although I have to say that I am really tempted by the iMac. Oh, one more question. I cannot really figure out what the differences are between: (MBP 2.33GHz) and (iMac 2.4GHz) Does this mean that the iMac cannot display the image on its own screen and an external screen at the same time? Maybe it is not as misleading as I think it is since it says "Dual/Mirroring" 2nd Display Support for both Macs. Ia it juat the difference between the higher resolution due to the Dual Link capability of the MBP that makes the difference? Do you also happen to know a link with a performance comparison of either both computers or at least the two different video cards? That would be fine, thanks again!
  4. Well actually I just sold my DELL 2405FPW 24" screen to the very same guy, so I ran my MBP in a configuration similar as the ones you described. I didn't know though, that the MBP was capable of Dual Link and the iMac wasn't - anyway, I never thought about buying a 30" screen. So, basically I don't have to worry about not having Dual Link DVI when I just run a screen with a resolution smaller than 2560x1600 (i.e. 1920x1200 or as I plan 1080p on a 40" TV)? Good to know though that the iMac doesn't seem to suffer of any issues as those that I mentioned - but only from the value, do you think the deal is ok (since the MBP is also older -> late 2006 vs. early/mid 2007 iMac)?
  5. Hey everyone, I need your help. Someone offered me to trade my 15" MBP 2.33GHz C2D against his 24" Glass iMac w/ 2.4GHz C2D CPU and 500GB hard disk. I am so indecisive and don't know what to do so I wanted to ask you guys if you think that this is a good trade or not. Here are the points I am thinking about: I need a laptop for my stuides, but as an alternative I thought I could buy one of thes mini laptops such as the eeePC since I read that one can also install OS X on it/them. Anyway, I think the choice of these new mini laptops is getting more and more complicated because of the growing range of models from different companies. So if anyone could advise me which of these mini laptops I should go with, this would help me a lot. But back to the Macs: since I have eSATA ExpressCards for my MBP which I couldn't use anymore with an iMac I am hesitating (although none of the two ExpressCards are working at the moment). So, performancewise I have to stick with USB 2.0 interface with my external disks, which is ok, although I would prefer SATA of course. The second thing which is important for me is the warranty. The guy says that if there is an issue with the iMac I just need to call him because the official warranty time (1 year) is over. My MBP has still 1 year of extended warranty left. The most important thing for me is the possibility to hook up the iMac on a Full HD LCD-TV, which shouldn't be a problem with a miniDVI->DVI->HDMI adapter or something or would it? (I know it should work with a MBP and a Full HD TV screen). Then we are coming to the tech specs: if I am right, the 2.4GHz C2D of the Glass iMac only has 3MB of Cache whereas my MBP has 4MB. Does this matter a lot or isn't there any noticeable difference? My MBP has 25&MB of VRAM (ATi X1600), I think the 24" iMac should have the same amount on an nVidia 8600, right? (I need to look it up, because it is not the available anymore). Since nVidia recently acknowledged that there are issues with almost the whole range of their GPUs I don't know if I should take this into account for my decision or not. Talking about heat issues the guy told me that the iMac is getting quite hot on its surface - so I want to know if I have to think about that, too. I don't know if any users of this iMac generation encountered problems with overheating or due to heat (like issues with the screen/panel because of this or something). Wasn't there also a problem with the sealing of the glass and humidity in some cases? Pleas let me know about any other possible issues with the iMac. I am really interested in this deal but just want to sort all these possible problems out before I take my decision. Meanwhile I will try to google some issues or more detailed specs of the iMac (which I haven't inspected personally yet). So, I would be thankful if anyone could help me take a decision. Cheers. Cyman EDIT: I asked the guy if he could give me the model number later today, it appears I was wrong and this iMac series has got an ATi video card on board. I just don't know yet which one exactly...
  6. Mac crashed during Partition. Help!

    I'm not sure if I had the same issue, but it sounds familiar to me. Here's what I did. After I tried partitioning the hard disk with teh BootCamp Assistant which crasehd Disk Utility showed up 11GB less of space available on my Mac HD, but there was no BootCamp partition. So I restarted with the OS X Install DVD inside, ran Disk Utility, repaired the drive and everything was fine again. The next time I ran the BootCamp Assiatant to partition the drive it successfully did its job. I hope this helps.
  7. New MacBook Pros Soon?

    This is definitely exaggerated. The new 45nm Penryn Mobile CPUs have a TDP varying from 25W over 35W to 44W for the QuadCore Extreme model. The CPU of my MBP (C2D, model 2,2) also has a TDP of around 35W, so normally there wouldn't be much difference in terms of battery life. The best way would be to switch off two of the cores when operating in mobile mode and using the full power when being used connected to a power plug. Or downclocking the cores depending on the use. Anyway I don't think Apple will release a QuadCore MBP now, although I think they should broaden the MBP range/lineup. A MBP Extreme qith QC, different versions with different expansion ports with or without optical drive - all depending on the needs of the user! But we all know this will not happen!
  8. New MacBook Pros Soon?

    Frankly spoken, how often do you use your optical drives of your laptops (Macbooks/MBPs) when you're not using it at home? I guess you don't need it very often! So, if it's not about saving weight or battery power (because an optical drive which isn't used doesn't need much energy, right?) it is about the place you gain in the device, so you could easily install a second hard drive in it or make place fpr a second battery. Of course, as I said before, I don't think this will happen, but I'd rather have a drive bay for another HDD than an internal optical drive. And I don't think it is very likely the new MBP will have BluRay as long as the displays don't have Full HD (1080p) resolution such as the 17" models already do. I always wanted the 15" model to do the same resolution, but as Apple disappointed me in the past I don't think they will introduce it now (I already thought of buying a LCD panel which does have this resolution and then mount it in my MBP, but I don't want to void the warranty!). As for the keyboard: at first I thought that the black keyboard doesn't fit in the rest of the product line, since the MacBooks and the external aluminium keyboards both have white keys. But then I thought maybe it's just looking more noble than white keys together with the aluminium case (well, that doesn't seem to make sense you might say, actually I can't explain it differently). I wish Apple would use a titanium case like back in the days with the G4 Titanium Powerbook. That adds some value to it!
  9. New MacBook Pros Soon?

    I think the picture is a fake. I expect the new MBP to hava a magnetic latch and new ports such as DisplayPort (likely it will have the Micro-DVI like the MBA - though DisplayPort has one advantage over DVI: it also transfers audio signals) and maybe additional expansion ports (USB or FW - that's what I really wish for, because two USB ports aren't simply enough!). Maybe it will be a bit thinner, we'll see. Other than that I think we will see a keyboard like that of the MBA (as seen on the picture). I could also live with an external optical drive like the MBA offers if I could install a second hard disk via a drive bay or if the MBP had a second battery instead, but I guess this is just pure speculation or wishful thinking. Apple should also go with ExpressCard/54 since there are a lot more expansion cards for the 54mm slot than for the 34mm standard. (e.g. there is no newer sound card for ExpressCard/34 I could think of!). It will certainly also feature the multitouch trackpad, Penryn processors and maybe also new GPUs (well, maybe not so likely).
  10. Just because the upcoming 10.5.2 update will be more than 400MB in size doesn't automatically mean that these 400+ megabytes would have been to add to the actual size of the files on the Leopard DVD since most patches are only replacing existing software by newer versions. If they'd include major additions, then (maybe!) they would have surpassed the DL-DVD size limit. Well, to the first point I think it's a question of defining "old". I guess if I had run Vista on my old P4C 3.0GHz machine with 1GB of RAM, OS X would have performed slicklier compared to Vista in terms of GUI performance (Exposé, Dashboard, Spaces etc.). Prove me wrong, I can't tell for sure, because I sold my "old" PC about one and a half years ago to get my MBP. For the second point I am interested what are these technical reasons. I can only say there are patches for like every Vista-only game out there so they can be run on XP, too, I don't know about drawbacks in comparison to Vista, though! Concerning point four that is exactly what I wanted to express. Of course, the average Windows user doesn't go out and buy Vista if he has an "older" machine anyway. Since he can get a new machine with Vista coming with it, he doesn't even see to ask himself if he should stick with XP or go with Vista, he would rather be saying "Well, I got a new PC AND it's coming with the LATEST MS OS, too - if that ain't cool!". But you know - the average user has other preferences than a gamer or other performance enthusiasts. Back to 10.5.2: if it's true that the delays between developer builds are getting shorter, this should indicate that a release is more or less imminent!
  11. @cyclonefr: Of course, Vista has higher hardware requirements, but in my opinion Microsoft is forcing users (or at least trying to do so) to upgrade their hardware to run Vista decently on their machines. I think that is definitely not the way to go. You shouldn't force users to switch to another OS by restricting certain features (like DX10) to the new product if the old one is also capable to handle it. Certainly Vista has a a number of improvements over XP, but I think Vista only games or other BS won't help to convince performance orientated users such as hardcore gamers to switch over to Vista, especially if there are ways to get stuff like DX10 games or effects (e.g. in Crysis) to run on XP. What goes for the gamers and such apparently can't be applied to the average user who buys a PC with Vista and will prefer its look over XP and who doesn't have performance preferences. For those who have older machines I think that they will stick with XP, mostly for these reasons (lack of performance).
  12. If the rumors about a new MBP from last week are true, then we can expect 10.5.2 some time next week. I think it would make sense for Apple to release both at the same time! @cyclonefr: I don't agree with you. Speaking for myself, I have been using Vista. First, I had to get used to it, because several things changed from XP to Vista. So, after a few days of using Vista I had explored some new functions and I started to think that it isn't that bad, actually! Anyway I wasn't satisfied with the whole GUI, because I still think it is not unified as for some icons for example which still look like in Windows 98. Other than that, my Vista experience stopped abruptly (at least on my native installation), so I wasn't really satisfied with it anymore. I also know a couple of friends who have experienced quite some problems with the new MS OS. What really disturbs me most is the new activation routine as well as the DRM policy. Of course, piracy is a big issue for MS, but I think the whole activation process is really annoying - unfortunately I can't think of a better alternative though.
  13. Yeah, let's better don't even mention Vista, although MS tries hard to force users to migrate to it, I think it could have the same fate as Windows ME back in the days! I mean, XP still seems to be superior to Vista in terms of speed and reliability (driver support etc.), so if MS can't fix this and other things, I think Vista won't ever be a big success. Most of the sold copies are sold as OEM with new computers - well so does Leopard, too you may say, but I think if the conscious user had a choice he would pick XP - look at Dell, offering more PC's with optional XP again. Oh, about running Leopard on my MBP I have to say it doesn't run bad, but a few days ago I had a number of Kernel Panics (six or seven times within two days) which I never had experienced in such a quantity with Tiger - I still couldn't figure out what was the cause. Other than that the only hassle was the installation, but this was more related to booting issues.
  14. I agree with you agrafuese. Of course I and everbody else was so excited about Leopard, but I guess there would have been less excitement by the end of October if Apple had said they'd release 10.5 by Christmas. So, of course the people urged Apple to release it like promised and the other way round Apple would have lost credibility (it's all about the image of a company like Apple, think about the Apple stocks and how they rise and fall, so a delay could quickly resolve in a drop of the Apple stocks value) and therefore money! And as you said, Apple is also totally right concerning their beta test quote! Anyway it's way better to release a reliable and stable program than doing the opposite, which can result in even bigger losses than postponing a product (a good example is the XBOX360 fault rate - although it all seems to be more of a part of MS (long-time) strategy to increase/improve it's market position). But of course we all know that OS X is a good and reliable product despite the fact that Leopard may contain a huge number of bugs. In the end I remember a lot of users who wanted it as fast as possible whining about Leopard and the deception following when they finally had it installed! People (especially a great number of Apple users) never seem to be satisfied, but then worship Steve Jobs and everything from Apple Inc. like it was a religion!
  15. Excuse me, did you have a look on my signature? I am a Mac user! Of course it is normal that a OS keeps being patched constantly, I am not naive, I have been using Windows for over twelve years until I switched to Apple. I would have done so years before, if I had had the money to afford a Mac. Anyway, it is the pure size of the upcoming 10.5.2 update and the great number of bugfixes which makes me conclude that Leopard was an unfinished product when it was released!