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  1. Partition resize

    FYI had to disable Journaling before it would work for me
  2. yes I have two dell 2007wfp's with a Radeon x1900gt and it is working at 1680 x 1050
  3. x86 Xbench Results Thread

    100.31 overall Xbench 1.3 Stock Dell Dimension E510 Xbench_1.3_Dell_E510.txt
  4. no keyboard and mouse?

    installed Jas10.4.6 and usb is now working. tried to upgrade to the 10.4.8 same issue
  5. no keyboard and mouse?

    oh one more thing. The machine starts to load OS x off the hardisk is there anyway to get it to go to terminal before it finishes booting ? I am using the Jas 10.4.8 dvd I heard that this worked in the 10.4.6 release with my hardware so I am trying to pull that down
  6. no keyboard and mouse?

    Question for you guys how do you apply these patches ? I am thinking that I boot windows mount the os-x partition using something like macdrive then apply the update . any other ways to go about this ? I have the same issue I got through the install no problem usb worked fine then when I reboot for the first time I get a big white window telling me that I am an idiot and need to plug in the keyboard before begining
  7. New Jas DVD can't find keyboard

    I have the same issue fresh install on new Harddisk. tried removing the usb patch during the install as an option that didn't work. I have messed with bios options no luck there. This machine has no legacy support. It is all usb I put a pci usb card in hoping that might help no difference. I saw someone post that this config worked on 10.4.6 then patched to 10.4.7 I am going to attempt that. I have a dell E510. I can't wait to get this thing working it is pretty fast to throw up the OS error screen hope it is that fast when I get it to work
  8. 10.4.7 Hangs on Boot

    I had the same issue. turned out to be my nvidia card switched to onboard and got past it