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  1. I have a question on installing the original Front Row app again I've tried to put the backup of the original back into the /System/Library/CoreServices/ directory and there I have to click Authenticate, Replace, and give my password. But then i get an error messages that tells me that it can't complete the operation because I don't have enough rights... Wo now i don't have any front row when i press my menu button on the remote... what can I do about it? thanx!!!
  2. Installation won't start

    I'm trying to install an OSX 10.4.6 on my desktop computer. I've installed the Acronis Software as instructed in the manual I found on this forum. When I boot my computer with the dvd in the drive the grey screen with apple logo in the middle appears. After a while a little sign appears on the screen (see screenshot) and the setup doesn't continue... the spinning thing at the bottom keeps spinning all the time... What can i do? EDIT: When I choose for verbose mode it hangs after displaying the line "still waiting for root device". My configuration: Pentium 4 2.67 ghz Asus P4S533-X 1 GB RAM
  3. Intel Wireless driver

    Is this driver working already, I read the topic but don't understand a lot of al the codes here... I saw something about DHCP that's not working, does this driver works without DHCP, so then I can uwe static ip? When it is working, how do I need to install it? Thanx a lot! Keep up this good work!
  4. AC97 Mic Boost

    My sound card is working but I'm looking for a solution to boost my mic... I know it's possible in windows cause I use it there. an amp is no solution, it has to be live, I would like to use my mic with skype... thanx!
  5. Intel Wireless driver

    When I will do this the driver is deleted and my Intel 2200 card wont be detected by the system? But I wont the card to be detected, and at this moment it is, but it isn't working. I can't connect with any network. Is there a solution for this problem? Thanx
  6. Intel Wireless driver

    It allows indeed the detection of the card as an airport card,.. But no network connection is possible, any idee how to get it working?
  7. Intel Wireless driver

    will this work on a 10.4.6 with Intel 2200 Wireless? Thanx!