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  1. sorry for not getting back to you (family crisis). My mouse is technically a USB mouse, but I have the little green USB to PS2 adapter. So both my keyboard, and mouse connect to their respective PS2 ports. Every time I turn on the USB in the BIOS, OS X just hangs when trying to load the USB kext. If I had a USB keyboard... I could test further. But, I just don't feel like spending the extra $$ for a keyboard just to try. P.S. Still can't get the audio to work. Firewire works great
  2. Hmmm... so you have the keyboard via PS2, and the mouse via USB? Interesting. When I had that setup, the mouse worked, but had no keyboard. What BIOS version are you using? I'm on ft62s00z.bin.
  3. I've got the same issue on a Shuttle ST62K (Zen) system. I wish I could get it to work so I can use my external USB drive to work. I tired of having to burn CD/DVD's to transfer files from XP to OSX.
  4. You have your USB working!?!?!?!?!? Hmmmfff. Everytime I enable it in the bios, it just hangs, and hangs. and hangs. I to have a PS2 keyboard, and an intellimouse (but I have to use the USB-PS2 converter) to get it to work. What are your BIOS settings? Have you tweaked it off the "optimized" setting?
  5. Hey!!! I working on the ST62K right now under OS X, but have a P4 (SSE2 only). The way I sped up the system was to use the "platform=x86pc" option. Then it worked fine. So, you might want to put back the AppleTPMACIP.kext and try again. But I had to disable the USB in the BIOS Did you? And I am STILL working on the audio issue, no luck yet. What did you put in for the vendor/device id? I tried 0x10024341 in the AppleAC97audioVIA.kext.
  6. Guz

    Native Darwin

    Ok, I'm a newbie here, but have read/searched for all that I could find. But, I am trying to install Darwin natively on a dedicated hard drive (no VMWare, I've tried, it doesn't work). I just want to play around with it, no more, no less. I have searched Apple and OpenDarwin without much sucess for a decent hardware compatability list. So, does anyone know or can point me to some good online sources for Darwin installation, configuration, etc. (preferably non subscription sites)? OpenDarwin's web site is basicly dead, not much information has changed for about 2 years (they took away the (Open)Darwin Hardware List page). Apple's site is mainly dedicated to PPC platform. Neither have good discussion forums (Apple is mainly listsrv orientated). I have a Shuttle ST62K (Zen) system, btw. 512mb RAM, Sony DVD RW, and a 20 gig ATA hard drive, PS2 keyboard/mouse. When I boot the Darwin CD, it hangs when to choose the harddrive to install on. The keyboard is completely locked up (can't even change CAPS lock, or Num lock). (Or just tell me that this system just isn't going to work, no matter what). Suggestions?