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  1. Is there a better way to respond if people ask, is this a Mac ?
  2. Try to install other OS first, just to see that your hardware has no problems.
  3. I'm in DVI, same motherboard, Video ASUS N6600. Same thing happened to me. But if I clear the cache, it's fine. After several reboot, it happened again.
  4. If use AppleAzaliaAudio, mic not work. Some says if using AppleHDA patcher will works. Not tried. I forgot about AppleAzaliaAudio (note from someone else): sudo mv /System/Library/Extensions/AppleHDA.kext ~/Backup/ [can not co-exist with] sudo mv /System/Library/Extensions/AppleAC97Audio.kext ~/Backup/ [can not co-exist with] sudo vi /System/Library/Extensions/AppleAzaliaAudio.kext/Contents/Info.plist find: <key>IOHDAudioCodecVendorID</key> <string>0x10ec0880</string> Change press i for edit <string>0x10ec0880</string> -- to -- <string>0x11d41986</string>
  5. I had this motherboard, and still working on it, so far everything is ok. LAN with RealtekR1000.kext. Audio with AppleAzaliaAudio.kext. My spec is: DVD: JaS 10.4.8 AMD Intel SSe2 SSe3 V1_ Patch, Defiant diskutil patch, BikeDude ICH7 patch. HD: Sata VGA: ASUS GeForce N6600 DVD drive: Sony Install: First time boot, you must hit enter when asked, otherwise error com.apple.Boot.plist not found. For "Support for the most common hardware", choose: - 10.4.8.GMA950.Support - 10.4.4.Loginwindow (i never tried to uncheck this, if you got a success pls tell me) - AppleAzaliaAudio Ignore anything else. Post install: - Depending on your processor speed, insert to com.apple.Boot.plist for kernel flag: fsb=133 - The Titan came with JaS DVD seems not fully working for DVI, sometimes it hangs when try to open loginwindow. Replace with omni's Titan.kext works great, at least for my GeForce N6600 The only problem is when boot, the BIOS complain about missing hardware if you use USB mouse, USB keyboard. I think it's not related to OS X, but the BIOS itself. Check ASUS for solution. That's all I can say...
  6. ATI X1400

    thanks kiko, at least comparing to fglrx code..... that's a clue. someone I know working on it, i hope she will share!
  7. ATI X1400

    Re-compile from source provided by Apple? Anyone ever tried? I have no knowledge to do that. Seems we all are waiting....
  8. Lenovo Laptops

    I have the same Laptop. Install JaS 10.4.8 Choose: Semthex, GMA.950.Support. After succesful install (using external monitor), I can not boot. Some error about USB. Is that happened to you? Thanks for help.
  9. Asus P5PE-VM

    Hi, I have the same Mobo. Using JaS 10.4.8 DVD Re-seed Package installed: JaS.10.4.8.Combo.Update, INTEL.SSE3.semthex and 10.4.4.Loginwindow Use skge.kext.02d.zip The sound is not ok, speech produce only first word, try with Vicki. Sounds like cracking. It was works fine with 10.4.4 DVD installer. So trying to move the AppleAC97Audio.kext from 10.4.4, still doesn't work. Can someone help me with this? thanks