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  1. Everything works fine here. ASUS ROG G550JK with HD 4600 and intel i7 CPU.
  2. Intel HD 4600 QE/CI Yosemite

    i dont have optical drive.. so u are talking that if i dont have dvd tray it shows that HD is not supported
  3. Intel HD 4600 QE/CI Yosemite

    So i have hard disk in my dvd tray, u thing that it's showing unsupported because i don't have optical drive?
  4. Intel HD 4600 QE/CI Yosemite

    I'm on Yosemite 10.10 (14A389) I have everything working except HD ? and it's crashing iMovie.. what can i do? eveything i loaded, it's a mobile gpu. ASUS G550JK Intel HD 4600

    CPU Type: Mobile QuadCore Intel Core i7-4700HQ, 3300 MHz (33 x 100) RAM: 16 GB, Samsung Motherboard Chipset: Intel Lynx Point HM86, Intel Haswell Video Card: Intel® HD Graphics 4600 (2560 MB), GeForce GTX 850M/PCIe/SSE2 (4096 MB) Display: Samsung 156HL01-102 [15.6" LCD] Full HD Sound: Realtek ALC668 @ Intel Lynx Point PCH - High Definition Audio Controller Wireless: Intel® Dual Band Wireless-N 7260 ( i will change it with airport extreme) USB: Intel Lynx Point PCH - USB 3.0 xHCI Host Controller I need DSDT, because it can't load the Installation Disk, it's because of Nvidia Optimus.. I need to disable it but I don't know how.. Thanks I have upoaded DSDT, ACIP, SSDT and everything else, from AIDA64, Windows 8.1 Edit: i have deleted Graphics kexts, and only show mouse on gray background... no installation Edit v.2 : NVM FIXED IT ALL BY MYSELF. Please close/delete the thread ASUS G550JK.rar
  6. [GUIDE] 1st Generation Intel HD Graphics QE/CI

    He have my kexts and dsdt ... but his laptop is not working.. i dont know.. he tried with my kexts.. he is on 10.9 and i have it for 10.9 but it's not working on his laptop.. we are chatting in fb to fix the issue but we cant..
  7. [GUIDE] 1st Generation Intel HD Graphics QE/CI

    are you using clover? if yes, disable Inject Intel
  8. SSDT i5-520m

    So, in your last DSDT, LPC was not working, but I have fixed it by myself, everything works perfectly, big thanks! http://cl.ly/1I1d2S1F1K1o <- this is the fully working DSDT for Dell N5010 with Intel i5-520m, if anybody needs it.
  9. SSDT i5-520m

    So , the LPC is not working but i have fixed it by changing device ID from lspci everything works, thank you very very much!
  10. SSDT i5-520m

    I'm not using NullCPU* ... but now i have turbo, but i have very high temperatures.. I see that AppleLPC is not loaded... can you patch it .... and VooDooHDA is now not working?
  11. SSDT i5-520m

    i have extracted it from /sys/firmware/ACPI/Tables... I have only one SSDT.. thanks
  12. SSDT i5-520m

    http://cl.ly/2P0v250E1x1n <=- This is my SSDT and DSDT from linux... original non patched thanks
  13. SSDT i5-520m

    sorry... i have made it on windows 7 with aida , i have patched everything but it doesn't show CPU in dsdt... i see other's DSDT have CPU0 CPU1 .. I don't have it .. I'm using dropSSDT,GeneratePStates,Cstates in cham.boot.plist , speedstep is working but no Turbo .. my bios is locked, and i need to patch AICPM because everytime i have KP without patch, in Clover i don't have KP but it stays on 700 MHz,( no speedstep) ... I need SSDT to get proper turbo frequences and vanilla AICPM... I don't need anything else thanks for wasting your time with me and yes, im using MacbookPro6,2 for my cpu. now i will install clover on usb and i will save all ORM ACPI tables.. edit: i have installed clover on usb installer, when i press F4 nothing happens, i have waited 2-3 minutes and restarted to see on the EFI/ACPI/Origin, there are nothing..
  14. SSDT i5-520m

    I'm using Chameleon, I have everything work except AICPM, so I don't have sleep but I don't need sleep, i just want to turn on Turbo Feature.. if It's impossible forget about it..