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    X230 El Capitan

    Hi hamid37, I followed the instructions from http://ronaldaai.blogspot.com/2015/11/lenovo-x230-hackintosh.htmltogether with the kexts from gilg2533 and I managed to get my x230 working. Well, apart from Audio at the moment. You can try and see if these work for you. gilg2533, if you can advise on how to get the Audio working, it would be great. Intel Audio shows up in System Information but Sound Preference says No output devices found. I'm pretty new on this Mackintosh stuff, so please bear with me. Thanks a lot!!!
  2. Hi corsiva, would you please guide me on how to get Yosemite running on Surface Pro 2? I tried following Pokenguy's guide but I am not able to boot from the USB drive. I have 10.9.4 running fine though. Not sure which step I did wrong.