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  1. I wound up finding MS Works 4.0 on Carracho. Problem solved.
  2. There is a Works 4.0 text converter in Microsoft's Word 98 Office Value Pack. I have Word 98 still, but have long lost this Office Value Pack. The Microsoft website is of no help. Any ideas?
  3. "Just" finding MS Works 4.0 for Mac is proving to be a huge headache. Any tips on where I can dig it up? Or a converter program?
  4. On the excellent advice of a helpful member, I dl'd FileTyper here and identified my documents as RLRB MSWK. A quick google search led me to a list of "File Type and Creator Codes" here, which makes them MS Works 4.0 documents. Now I just have to find MS Works, and I'm in business!
  5. Hi, I've got some old mac files my grandad left behind when he passed away (letters, etc). My mom got rid of the computer and the software used to create them years ago. The documents are at least 10 years old and I'm having a great deal of difficulty identifying them. I've tried opening them with MacWrite Pro and MS word and failed. If I open as text only, I get a bunch of garbage, but the word "MacWorks" occasionally shows up. Is MacWorks a word processing program? If I somehow manage to obtain it, will it run in classic? Is there a program or technique for identifying what I software I need if it isn't MacWorks? Thank you for your attention. --N8 P.S. I attempted to attach an example.