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  1. I did the Kalyway 10.5.3 update, with vanilla 9.3.0 kernel, then did the update to 10.5.4 with 9.4.0 kernel. Everything works, except the System Profiler does not show machine information anymore (in the hardware category) It does show informations in the sub categories. It tries to go to sleep, but wakes right up. FYI, I got a retail version of Leopard to boot using the boot-132 bootloader cd...going to try a vanilla install... EDIT- Boots and stops at the blue screen, no ball, no cursor....
  2. Hey there....I tried the LEO4all version this time, and everything works using the guide, except sleep. (Grrrr) It does go into "coma" heh. Unless, there is a special way to wake up the machine... I'm using the 9.0.1 (not vanilla) should I switch it? Soooooo close.... By the way this is a different drive the previous install is working very well still. So much so I use it for work, with a windows (ick) in parallels, vpn connection office graphic applications, the works...woot! Seeya!
  3. ergosteur: Yeah, not even there, but I need to do a clean install to make this work, probably. They usually show up after the install but don't work, then once I install the USB nic they both go away. I'm going to re-install and use your guide, I think it will work this way. EDIT: Erased it, and installed fresh by your guide. Did the kext insertions and edits, got a kernel panic, started in safe, and restarted fine, got the wireless, and wired LAN working woohoo I do my sound different than your guide, and all is right... It was Parallels that was messing the existing install/ networking up it sets up two virtual adapters that bump out the initial adapters...but it's fixed now... Installing Parallels now (cross your fingers) Awesome, Thanks!!!!
  4. Dude! Holy {censored}! Awesome...5570z here thought I'd never get networking functioning, but it is...Awesome. Wireless is still nonfunctional, I have a 1390 in there now, and have tried a 1490, AND the Atheros AR5BXB63, but nuthin so far...but wired works! as a side note the system profiler says no information on pci cards. Thanks!
  5. My True "hack"intosh Wireless Solution

    I followed your "hack" to a degree. I was using a USB wifi externally for networking, now it's inside like yours. I put a mini 6-pin plug on a female USB plug with about 4" of wire. The wifi adapter has a spot on the on the board for a mini coaxial connecter. I happened to have an old mini pci wifi card so I desoldered one of the connectors and (carefully) soldered it to the spot on the USB adapter. I use the aux antenna connection and the reception is pretty good. If you've got a steady hand and a mini soldering pencil I would recommend the additional antenna connection. I think I going to try to split the plug to two ports, I really want my bluetooth back. Some fun, huh.
  6. My True "hack"intosh Wireless Solution

    The 6 pin plug between the wifi card and the modem card is a USB port. I have my bluetooth module plugged into it.
  7. I have Nforce4, and the ethernet worked for a while, and stopped... I did a complete manual configuration on it, with a static IP for the interface, forced the router setting as well as the gateway...and now everything works great.
  8. parallels on homebuilt machine?

    Works on an AMD x2 3800, GT7600 PciE, Nforce4. Everything works.
  9. OSX is not wanting to cooperate!

    Unplug the monitor from the "PC" side then plug it back in...mine does that, like shimmering bars? I have a 30" lcd with dvi, sync issues?
  10. External (usb laptop drive) works very well for me, I use it for a rescue whenever I futz up my install on an internal drive. Usually you press f12 during the post for a boot menu and you get to choose what drive you want to boot from.
  11. Finally! GeForge 6600 FULL QE/CI

    Disconnect your DVI connector from either the monitor or computer, whichever is easier to reach. Let the monitor go to "no device mode" or whatever then plug it back in. That's how I get it to work. I get a screen that looks like an aurora borealis shimmering thing...until I do the disconnect. I'm thinking a DVI switch might fix it, need to somehow re-sync the monitor (30" LCD).
  12. 10.4.8 TUBGIRL dvd - Video wierdness

    Hey Glebushka, thanks for the the tips...I think I am running the Natit for the 7600GS, I installed Natit_Uni_1.0 is that the same thing? I am running DVI, because my 30" LCD only supports DVI input...maybe that's the prob...Here's my info: nVidia GeForce 7600 GS: Chipset Model: nVidia GeForce 7600 GS Type: Display Bus: PCIe VRAM (Total): 256 MB Vendor: NVIDIA (0x10de) Device ID: 0x0392 Revision ID: 0x00a1 Displays: Display: Status: No display connected DELL 3007WFP: Resolution: 1920 x 1200 Depth: 32-bit Color Core Image: Supported Main Display: Yes Mirror: Off Online: Yes Quartz Extreme: Supported The first "Display:" sez No display connected...is that the analog output of the card?
  13. 10.4.8 TUBGIRL dvd - Video wierdness

    Update: I've been tweaking this the past couple of days. 1. Still have the screen problem on start-up and have to unplug the DVI to get a viewable screen. 2. DVD playback works great, including full screen. 3. AVI playback is great, including Xvid. 4. Burning works, including lightscribe writing. I had to turn off hibernation, how the heck do you wake it back up?
  14. Hey Folks... Been lurking here for a while and before, running OSx since the first(?) "Deadmoo"?? image.... I've gone through 10.4.3 - 10.4.6 and now this Tubgirl version. Everything works great on: AMD 64x2 3800 2gig Nforce4 with a NV6600 pcie. BUT I had to push it and get a 30" display. {censored}...had to get a 7600GS to run the thing...and started having a wierd video corruption on start-ups, like a pulsating pattern and color shifting, NO desktop...just the patterning...I reinstalled and patched and patched and tweaked and cussed...no fixing it....once or twice after a -F or -x boot I'd get a slice of the screen (vertically) but no cursor (heh tricky) so I'd click and drag on the screen to see where it was and open the display panel click the "detect monitor" and BAM everything would come back....but on a restart back to nothing.... Until....I had a blinding flash of the obvious...and disconnected the connector(DVI) at the computer. The screen came up and all was right.... This "reach around" is gonna get to be a pain...anyone have any ideas on a fix? (Heh one time the screen came up sideways, until the "detect monitor" was clicked....) Another new thing was that the Nforce network has to be manually set including forcing the router address, otherwise is say it has an internally assigned IP address...and no outside access...?? Hey thanks all...really enjoy the tales...I feel it all... Seeya.