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  1. Hi guys, I have been trying really hard to get my sound working for about 2 months but i got only some luck. My sound works only when i sleep and it always makes a crackling sound. I can never hear what is going on for example: Linus tech tips. My audio is ALC 271X. I don't know if anyone has had luck but please take time to answer. Please and Thanks to everyone. BTW im using the latest Voodoo HDA
  2. Lion Legacy Kernel Discussion

    Does anyone know info about the new legacy kernel anV is going to release? When does it come out.
  3. i5 480m Lion install

  4. i5 480m Lion install

    Hi, I have finally got snow leopard fully working. Now I want to upgrade to lion. BUT, I have an MBR HD. Even with the patch, I haven't got the installer to boot up. It just says starting darwin 86_64 or something and then reboots. I want to hear from a person with an i5 480m who has got it working or from people who know how to get it working. BTW I have an Acer Aspire 5745DG-6681 Laptop. Thanks
  5. MBR Lion

    Can anyone help me get lion booted on my system. THE INSTALLER DOESN'T EVEN WORK!! thanks
  6. DSDT for Acer Aspire 5745DG-6681

    MY DSDT dsdt.zip
  7. ALC 271x

    Hi again, I wanted to know if anyone has got ALC271x working or has a kext or something to make it working. Please Help Me! Thanks
  8. MBR Lion

  9. DSDT for Acer Aspire 5745DG-6681

    What do you mean post file? I don't have a DSDT yet!
  10. ALC275

    SORRY: I mixed up I need a Realtek ALC271x kext or something. Thanks
  11. DSDT for Acer Aspire 5745DG-6681

    Hi Everyone, I have everything on my snow leopard working except for my Audio. I want a DSDT (If its okay with you). I have an Intel i5 480m, Acer ZR7D Motherboard, Nvidia GeForce GT 425m, 500GB, 4GB RAM, Acer Nplify 802.11b/g/n, A blu-ray disk writer, Realtek ALC 271x. I hope you could do a DSDT for me. Please and Thanks.
  12. can't find mach_kernel error

    For all of you, just try a new distro or download your distro again and burn it to a cd/usb. Tell me if it works.
  13. Mac just restarts after Bootloader

    2 things: What is your cpu and have you tried busratio=20? ALSO::: Try busratio=20 -f, busratio=20 -v, busratio=20 -x, busratio=20 -s, busratio=20 cpus=1.
  14. ALC275

    Does anyone here know how to get ALC275 Audio working? I would really appreciate it. I have already tried VOODOO HDA 2.7.2 or something like that. Please help. Thanks.