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  1. Unrealized^

    hackintosh freezes

    If you have a Fermi-based GPU, it could be caused by it.
  2. I personally prefer Lion to Mountain Lion, as my GPU doesn't support Snow Leopard and it's freezing a lot on Mountain Lion.
  3. Unrealized^

    Via Chrome9 HC IGP driver

    It does work on Linux, with Openchrome.
  4. Unrealized^

    AMD Lion Kernel

    Heh, That's nifty. Now I'm wondering why no one does it? Myself I would be pretty happy with a 32-bit lion install as well (because I could use the Finder from DP2). Well, There is always hope..
  5. Unrealized^

    AMD Lion Kernel

    Nice to see you too I hope someone writes an SSSE3 emulator, I think it isn't that hard after all to do. I made a lot of crash dumps about the xpchelper on osx86.co, hope someone takes a look at them. 32-bit Finder from DP2 works pretty well (just tried).
  6. As far as I know, Yes. Don't know why you didn't specify which CPU and GPU it has though so I had to Google them. But it should run.
  7. Unrealized^

    AMD Lion Kernel

    It does indeed work but it has several flaws. 1) It is 32-bit, which means you cannot run Finder on it (yet) 2) xpchelper crashes and ReportCrash eats all the CPU. 3) After a while apps stop opening. No idea why. 4) It doesn't support Installations, you need a real mac or a distro in order to install it.
  8. Unrealized^

    Installing in HP tx2 1025dx.

    Not yet Snow Leopard will work.
  9. Unrealized^

    My First Time With OSx86

    You can't install Lion on AMD yet.
  10. Unrealized^

    Still Waiting for Root Device

    Select the correct chipset/sata driver in install.
  11. Unrealized^

    9500GT Resolution changing woes

    Yeah, Maybe I should think about doing it.. Gotta live with the problem for a while until I can afford the cable (Strict student budget, you know)
  12. You need to put the kexts to either the preboot image, or the installation media. I personally created a chameleon usb stick with a Preboot.dmg (Which contains the kernel and kernel extensions). I suggest searching your motherboard/chipset on this forum and getting a installation dvd, which supports your hardware. Another issue could be that your sata devices are not in AHCI mode. You can set it in BIOS. Also, Kexts = Kernel Extensions. Like drivers, On Mac OS X.
  13. I think you're missing a kext for your chipset. Try using nForceATA
  14. So far my Hackintosh is working 99% perfectly, but I only have 1 problem with it. My GPU is 9500GT. When I try to change my video resolution my screen goes blue. I've searched the forum about this, and the only solution about this is to get a DVI converter. My monitor is VGA. I've tried multiple injectors, EFI Strings, and different NVCAPs. My NVCAP is as follows: 0400000000000300040000000000000700000000 When I try to use it it defaults to the DVI.. I'm a student and I can't afford a converter at the moment. So is there any kind of tricks I could try? Like a different NVCAP? I would love to play Call of Duty 4 Edit: And to be clear, I don't use any distributions, I'm running Vanilla with some kexts to support my hardware.