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  1. hackintosh freezes

    If you have a Fermi-based GPU, it could be caused by it.
  2. I personally prefer Lion to Mountain Lion, as my GPU doesn't support Snow Leopard and it's freezing a lot on Mountain Lion.
  3. Via Chrome9 HC IGP driver

    It does work on Linux, with Openchrome.
  4. AMD Lion Kernel

    Heh, That's nifty. Now I'm wondering why no one does it? Myself I would be pretty happy with a 32-bit lion install as well (because I could use the Finder from DP2). Well, There is always hope..
  5. AMD Lion Kernel

    Nice to see you too I hope someone writes an SSSE3 emulator, I think it isn't that hard after all to do. I made a lot of crash dumps about the xpchelper on osx86.co, hope someone takes a look at them. 32-bit Finder from DP2 works pretty well (just tried).
  6. As far as I know, Yes. Don't know why you didn't specify which CPU and GPU it has though so I had to Google them. But it should run.
  7. AMD Lion Kernel

    It does indeed work but it has several flaws. 1) It is 32-bit, which means you cannot run Finder on it (yet) 2) xpchelper crashes and ReportCrash eats all the CPU. 3) After a while apps stop opening. No idea why. 4) It doesn't support Installations, you need a real mac or a distro in order to install it.
  8. Installing in HP tx2 1025dx.

    Not yet Snow Leopard will work.
  9. My First Time With OSx86

    You can't install Lion on AMD yet.
  10. Still Waiting for Root Device

    Select the correct chipset/sata driver in install.
  11. 9500GT Resolution changing woes

    Yeah, Maybe I should think about doing it.. Gotta live with the problem for a while until I can afford the cable (Strict student budget, you know)
  12. You need to put the kexts to either the preboot image, or the installation media. I personally created a chameleon usb stick with a Preboot.dmg (Which contains the kernel and kernel extensions). I suggest searching your motherboard/chipset on this forum and getting a installation dvd, which supports your hardware. Another issue could be that your sata devices are not in AHCI mode. You can set it in BIOS. Also, Kexts = Kernel Extensions. Like drivers, On Mac OS X.
  13. I think you're missing a kext for your chipset. Try using nForceATA
  14. So far my Hackintosh is working 99% perfectly, but I only have 1 problem with it. My GPU is 9500GT. When I try to change my video resolution my screen goes blue. I've searched the forum about this, and the only solution about this is to get a DVI converter. My monitor is VGA. I've tried multiple injectors, EFI Strings, and different NVCAPs. My NVCAP is as follows: 0400000000000300040000000000000700000000 When I try to use it it defaults to the DVI.. I'm a student and I can't afford a converter at the moment. So is there any kind of tricks I could try? Like a different NVCAP? I would love to play Call of Duty 4 Edit: And to be clear, I don't use any distributions, I'm running Vanilla with some kexts to support my hardware.