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  1. ALC888 Help!

    Here is the full description of it in my motherboard's website. - 7.1 CH Windows® Vista™ Premium Level HD Audio (ALC888 Audio Codec) And if it's any help, here is the actual link to the motherboard itself. http://www.asrock.com/mb/overview.asp?Model=939A785GMH/128M
  2. Nah, no way it's the kernel. If it was, it would crash when running something heavy like garageband or final cut pro X.
  3. ALC888 Help!

    Yeap, no sound. I'm all good with the USB Audio card. Don't worry. Thanks for helping though
  4. I downloaded a 5 gig torrent as well. It downloaded it like a champ. 450KB/s average speed.
  5. I downloaded team fortress 2 using steam. It downloaded 10 gigs like a champ. KP only happens when I browse facebook MOST of the time. But it sometimes also happens on other sites. I remember for example going to ehow because it was in a google result for something I was looking for, and it KPed almost instantly when ehow loaded up.
  6. ALC888 Help!

    IS that some kind of special HDA? Because I've used AppleHDA before, didn't work. I have a USB sound card now, but I'll try this and get back to you.
  7. That's correct too. Man... I've never been so puzzled with a hackintosh before xD. I mean, everything runs so perfectly but I can't browse? what the hell!? xD YouTube runs perfectly well though. When I google stuff I get the KP, but mostly when I'm browsing insanelymac, facebook, etc. Seriously can't figure this thing out.
  8. Of course I've tried different browsers. Still get KP though.
  9. So you think it's the way webkit loads pages that makes them crash on the AMD? It's plausible. What do I need to download from that webpage? Updated to 10.6.8 btw. All is stable, running great, (Final Cut Pro 10 runs incredibly well), but the KP still occurs while browsing -.-
  10. Well I didn't intentionally buy this build for it to be a hackintosh. It's pretty old as well. I just found it laying around and brought it back to life by buying a SATA HD, and a SATA optical drive, and also a new graphics card. Total cost was really low, and it was totally worth it, since it's now a pretty solid machine. If I was to make a build for hackintosh only, of course I'd buy intel. It makes me wonder how YouTube is perfectly stable, running great, but facebook and some other sites KP... Considering loading videos is a tougher job than scrolling through text and pictures. It just doesn't make sense to me.
  11. The TSCSyncAMD appears to work beautifully! I'm running kernel panic free now!! :D One question though, I need to boot with -f -v or else it won't load. any tips on that? EDIT: It's all okay now. It seems to work with just -v. EDIT2: Got too happy too soon. Looks like I got another KP when I was browsing FB. God damn it. I read those guys used the kext because they got KPs after like 3 hrs of use. Mine can stay on for 100 years, but when I go browse a little I get the KP. I seriously don't know what's going on. EDIT3: WOW! IT certainly did fix YouTube video playback though! Finally the videos are smooth and not choppy anymore! yaay! But I still have to find a solution for the kernel panics. They mostly happen when I'm on FB. I wonder what causes them...
  12. I was browsing facebook and I managed to catch the kernel panic. So, here it is: Any ideas? And BTW, it can't be VoodooHDA because I installed with retail. Voodoo wasn't even included in the installation. EDIT: Just saw the TSCSyncAMD thing. Will look into it and post results.
  13. Well you see, I downloaded half a gigabyte from software updates, and it worked like a charm. Only when I use a browser I get the KP. And I use a wireless usb adaptor. I've tried connecting with ethernet too, still get the KP. And I do boot with -v, and when I get the KP it doesn't show anything useful to be honest. Only spams "invalid kernel ip won't attempt to handle trap".
  14. Check the expiration date of the software. it's in a little blue box in the top right corner of the installation box. If it's expired, go to system preferences, and change the current date of your mac to 2011 for example. After that, it should work fine.
  15. Heya guys. So I got a fully native hackintosh using retail 10.6>combo update 10.6.7>legacy kernel 10.6.7. Everything works great, I can run photoshop, garageband and virtualdj all together, no probs. But when I go onto the net, if I visit insanelymac for example, I get KP. Or if I log onto facebook I get KP. Anybody got an idea of what it could be? I'd really appreciate somebody's input on this.