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  1. Dock Drive Icons

    Thank you, that is exactly what i was looking for. Unfortunately it's abandonware and doesn't work anymore on intel Macs. Booooo! I discovered a really nice work around however that's really close enough for me: 1) using tinkertool, I made visible all my hidden files and folders 2) dragged the /Volumes/ folder to my dock 3) made my hidden files back to their invisible state in tinkertool Voila! All my disks show up as a stack! I can drag a usb drive, dvd, or disk image to the trash and it's unmounted just like it was dragged from the desktop. Best of all, i love how i can drill through directories all from he dock and see previews even on my network drives as large icons. I'm surprise Apple doesn't have the dock preconfigured this way. Chris
  2. c'mon guys...don't you think that IBM as a former supplier to Apple as a processor developer would have access to the more sensitive parts of MacOSX for R/D?! This doesn't surprise me at all that IBM would have their cell processor demo on MacOS X. I'm sure they adjusted things in the core OS to accomondate their new processor. I'm also sure just like how the x86 version of MacOS X was developed in secrecy so too will the PPC (Cell) version once it is pulled from the mainstream. Apple is in the position of leveraging both platforms. Just because we are Intel today doesn't mean we can't go back to PPC via the cell processor should it prove to have surpassed the x86. It makes sense to me. Once the critical mass has been expanded with the intel swap and people migrating to the Mac for the first time, take them back to PPC, or the new fangled Intel chip or AMD...or whatever. It's no secret that the Intel transition is increasing the Mac community. That's only to the benefit of us all.
  3. Dock Drive Icons

    After some digging, I went to the finder preferences (command + "," ) under "General" There's something called "Show these items on the Desktop" and you can uncheck all the mountable disk media, Hard Disks, CD, DVDs etc. I thought well if you can turn off those options on the finder then there has to be a way to turn it on somewhere else like the Dock. Well, no, the options aren't present in the system preferences for the Dock. I even tried Onyx and no luck. It would be nice if the dock had the ability to use the sidebar items and display them so they're always one click away instead of a function button and then hunt it down somewhere on the desktop. I pretty much use the dock as a task manager and a place to conveniently put apps that use a drag and drop functionality like dropstuff, dropicon, etc. It only would make sense if I could have my drives automatically mount to the dock so they don't get hidden by other windows, giving an easy glance to see what volumes I have mounted. I wonder what it would take to bring that functionality to the dock...hmm...anyone up for helping me thru the challenge? I know some scripting stuff, very little about C Chris
  4. In MacOS X Developer Preview (DP2 & 3) beta it was demo'd as mounting the disk icons directly to the dock. That was dropped in favor of mounting disk icons to the desktop like classic. Is there anyway to have the disk icons mount to the dock per DP2 & 3 instead of the desktop? I'm getting sick of having to use exposé and go fish for a jump drive, network drive, or CD on the desktop. Makes sense why they were trying to steer people to using the dock...just curious if that feature still lurkes under the surface where I could use something like Tinkertool to reactivate it. Thanks! x