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  1. Hullo all. People were having problems with this, and since I ended up with a board that has a AR8161 chip in it, I figured I'd see if I could fix it, and I haven't had any panics or other problems yet. I took the 1.0.2 code, and because of xcode code analysis found some memory that wasn't getting released and hence causing the panic/freezes. I also reduced the number of RX/TX descriptors for latency reasons, but as of course, I'm including the modified code, you can tweak, push, recompile for ML, etc. At least on my system, it doesn't appear to impact CPU or transfer speed/efficiency usage either way, but does affect latency a little. I 'torture' tested it on various multi-GB downloads, Steam, game launchers, etc, stuff that would normally kill it within 30 seconds, and it hasn't had any problems for me. At any rate, it's compiled for Mavericks, 64-bit only, includes the source code so you can recompile it for your own needs. I was getting a freeze every few minutes with 1.0.2, haven't had one in days with this so far. It's not "my" code or project, so I can't really offer any support whatsoever on this, of course. Just thought people with the affected chips might be as eager for something that works as I am. Hopefully it works for everyone else. If it doesn't, I'm sorry, but there's just not much I can do about it. If you're worried, feel free to do a diff and compile it yourself. I'm not fussed. ALXEthernet.zip ALXEthernet-1.0.3.zip EDIT: 1.0.3 was redone a bit cleaner, uses more defaults, still compiled for 10.9, 64-bit only. Haven't done as much stress testing on it, but also appears fine. I discovered on both, using Apple's "Logic Remote" from Wifi (then to ethernet) will kill the driver immediately with "incorrect zfree from zone kalloc.16 to zone kalloc.32". It's not something I really know anything about, to be honest.