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  1. For compatible with action in Windows,I setup command key as ctrl key,then ctrl-c,ctrl-v,ctrl-f all run well. But use Capslock as Control,It still isn't a perfect method.
  2. I think many guyes use Ibm Thinkpad notebook,and I use the thinkpad X31,because it's keyboard hasn't win key,so I can't use tiger's command key,It is very very uninveni... I have found an article: http://www.snark.de/index.cgi/0007 It gives a method to modify the apple abd keyboard's any key to as command key.It seems very powerful. But,I found my tiger load only the ps2 keyboard kext file,and it's info.plist file seems to have no any virtual keyboard section. so,I think can't use this method. Any one can give me a method to modify the keyboard's right alt key as the tiger's command key's function? thx very much.
  3. "b=512 skip=63"

    Yes,It works well,and after later,I can rebuild the tiger pation every easily. And I advice after you dd to a pation and boot successfully,you should dd the tiger pathion to an image file in win. Then,You can use bs=1M to restore the tiger partion later.