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    HP XW8600 ?

    I have a fully functioning xw8600 on 10.7.4. -Dual x5450 -4gb ram -Quadro FX1700 -Sound works with latest VoodooHDA -2x SATA HD's connected to SAS controller (SATA ports function as well) Had to add device ID to the LSIFusion Kext, don't recall actual kext name. Really was just trying to get SAS controller working, then never switched back to SATA out of laziness! -Working ethernet with BCM5722D.kext, had to edit info.plist and add my device ID. -Sleep/wake from sleep works, have to use PleaseSleep to initiate sleep, wakes with single mouse/keyboard click. Bios is set to RAID+AHCI, also worked on Combined IDE (I think, it was whichever IDE mode which supportes 4 SATA ports)- can post exact bios config when I am at the computer. Install wasn't done using methods which I can discuss on this board (TonyMac methods), feel free to PM me and I can provide details when I get home from the office. In short, installed using aforementioned method, only installed latest FakeSMC and NVClock plugin (no other plugins work as it has an SMSC SuperIO controller) I get monitoring of HD's, CPU tempa (only one of them, I think), GPU fans/temps, but no system/CPU fans or other temps. Graphics work with GraphicaEnabler=yes, no sleep enabler/NullCPUPWM kexts, IntelCPUPwm loads fine and I achieve either a 6x or 9x multiplier.
  2. For the most part, yes. I've come a long way with getting everything working. I realized thay the temps looked higher then they really were, the TjMax wasn't set correctly, IntelCPUMonitor was defaulting to 100, actual is 85. I removed NullCPUPwm, everything seems fine. I currently have 10.7.4, installed using ######/######. The Nvidia Quadro FX 1700 works with full acceleration, QE/CI, Open CL etc. using GraphicsEnabler=yes Built in ethernet is working with BCM5722D.kext, just needed to modify a device ID. Sound works using the latest VooodooHDA, though not all inputs/outputs are enabled. I even got the SAS controller working by adding the device ID to AppleLSIFusionMPT.kext. Temps at idle are now much better, and GeekBench scores are great, consistently getting 11,8xx scores. System sleeps and wakes fine with the power button, but doesnt wake well via mouse/keyboard. Only thing I cant figure out is monitoring the Dual Xeons. I only get temps for one of them.. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd appreciate it!
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    Would either of these files be helpful for me to enable better monitoring support? This is using the regular build of FakeSMC. I wasnt getting voltage reading using this one, but did get CPU multipier. hwmpro_smbus.txt HWMonitorPro.txt Thanks!
  4. hockey9999


    Is there a proper way to install this via the installer. I tried installing it over my existing FakeSMC kexts and it didnt reboot after the install. Booting into windows and replacing the old kexts allowed me to boot again. Thanks!
  5. I'm pretty new to this, so take it easy on me! I have an HP xw8600 running 10.7.2 with the following: no DSDT edits 2x x5450 Xeon 4gb RAM Nvidia Quadro FX 1700 My question/problem.. With NullCPUPwm - My geekbench scores are kind of low - 8257, but idle temps are also low, at about 113f-117f (via iStat, and down to 111 as I type this). I also noticed that the CPU voltage always remains constant at 1.04v with NullCPUPwm installed. Without NullCPUPwm - My geekbench scores are, in my opinion, awesome! - 11612 (destroying my 2010 17" i5 MBP 8gb RAM), but my idle temps are high (I think?) at about 126f - 129f and up to 140ish under load. But, the CPU voltage changes, so I guess speedstep must be working in some capacity without NullCPUPwm, going between 1.04v and 1.12v depending on load. Its probably worth adding - I get this in my kernel log when booting without NullCPUPwm. localhost kernel[0]: AppleACPICPU: ProcessorId=1 LocalApicId=0 Enabled localhost kernel[0]: AppleACPICPU: ProcessorId=2 LocalApicId=4 Enabled localhost kernel[0]: AppleACPICPU: ProcessorId=3 LocalApicId=2 Enabled localhost kernel[0]: AppleACPICPU: ProcessorId=4 LocalApicId=6 Enabled localhost kernel[0]: AppleACPICPU: ProcessorId=5 LocalApicId=1 Enabled localhost kernel[0]: AppleACPICPU: ProcessorId=6 LocalApicId=5 Enabled localhost kernel[0]: AppleACPICPU: ProcessorId=7 LocalApicId=3 Enabled localhost kernel[0]: AppleACPICPU: ProcessorId=8 LocalApicId=7 Enabled localhost kernel[0]: ACPI: System State [s0 S3 S4 S5] (S3) localhost kernel[0]: ** AppleSMBusPCI::start failed to get acpi path for provider localhost kernel[0]: ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin::pushCPU_CSTData - _CST evaluation failed localhost kernel[0]: ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin::pushCPU_CSTData - _CST evaluation failed localhost kernel[0]: ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin::registerLPCDriver - WARNING - LPC device initialization failed: C-state power management not initialized I do have generate p and c states set in the boot plist too. My question is, how can I get the best of both worlds here? Or am I worried about nothing in regard to temperature? I've researched a ton, but am having a hard time understanding everything.. tjmax, tcase temp etc.. I tried every method I could find for extracting DSDT's and SSDT tables, in Windows, Linux and OS X, and no matter what, there is no DSDT Scope (_PR) anywhere.. So I am at a loss. Because I am pretty new to this, I am not sure what additional information I can provide to help you guys help me.. So please ask, and I will post whatever is needed. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  6. hockey9999

    HP XW8600 ?

    I am not able to get that kext to work. I installed it with Kext Wizard, but I still dont have internet working. Would you be able to help? Thanks!