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  1. I have exactly that problem!!! try in -x Safe Boot by chameleon
  2. Maybe this can be good also, Atheros AR5BXB72 AR5008 search it on ebay or any shopping site, also may branded with IBM, Apple, etc....
  3. iPlasm

    Intel GMA950 27a2 and 27a6 with Vanilla Kexts

    This is not works for me. mine is GMA950 27A2. shows me grey lines.
  4. iPlasm

    GMA950 27A2

    GMA950 27A2, This is all my problem! EFI String Studio already tried, black or grey lines! DSDT, followed so much toturials not works! tried Graphics Enabler and will shows grey lines! I'm tired, also I didn't have problem 10.6.6 but now I see problems PS2 things and everything became crazy! the Apple Vanilla kext already supports GMA950 27A2, but why not work! Thanks
  5. iPlasm

    GMA950 (27A2) + Quartz

    Now you can have Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.6, with Vanilla Apple's GMA950 Kexts and Quartz Support! Here is the Info: (GMA950 27A2) 1- Update Mac OS to 10.6.6 (without touching the S/L/E) Please delete the GMA950 Kexts in Extra if include 2- Download & Install the Latest Chameleon 2 RC5, or use the Trunk's Unofficial PKG: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=231075 3- Put this Info code into the "/Extra/com.apple.Boot.plist" edit it: <key>Kernel Flags</key> <string>GraphicsEnabler=Yes</string> & Save. Done!, Restart... and see you have Fully Vanilla Official Apple GMA950 Kext + Quartz Extreme Supported! All things all supported like Extend Monitor, TV, Resolutions, Colors, 1280x800 and below.... Enjoy Note: No need Extra kexts like Natit or something else, and no need EFI String, and don't touch the Official Apple's GMA950 Kexts. Enjoy...
  6. Well, Hello everybody (VAIO-VGN325E) first as we know, you need a Boot-132 CD for Installing, then Insert the Mac OS X 10.6.....then insert the Boot-132 after completed the Mac Installation! then Insert Boot-132 press on Apple Logo. Wow... Great! and install Chameleon 2 RC5 to Boot without CD! All things are works after just days we see the new Mac OS X Update 10.6.6 ! I updated it. now the GMA950 (27A2) is slow and no Quartz! (soon I will find it) and I have just GMA950 Problem! If anybody could help me about this I just Need the {GMA950 Kexts, Quartz for 10.6.6} and could you please answer me: 1- in the EXTRA include: Natit, IOGraphicFamily, AppleIntalGMA950, AppleIntelFrameBuffer. without these I will get after Boot a Grey Screen! (without DTDs) why? 2- Should I Copy to EXTRA or to S/L/E, or which GMA950(27A2) I need? Thank you very much
  7. iPlasm

    Introduce yourself.

    Hello InsannelyMac, The First time, and the most famous. about Mac on PC! Thank you for helping and unlock mac world! I am Advanced User on Windows, and soon at Mac also. and i know some about developing(1st class). I can speak arabic and english. I am glad to ask questions together and answer! well mine is VAIO-VGN325E Laptop and I installed a clean Vanilla Mac! Have a nice way!