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  1. Can anyone confirm if the patches on the front page are all the same with 10.12.4?
  2. R9 Nano

    @okrasit, would you be willing to upload your R9 Nano BIOS that bypasses the EFI vbios? Also, what model was your card? Trying to get the R9 Nano to boot with an X99 system, and thus, no iGPU. Thanks!
  3. Also curious on getting this working with sleep/wake functionality. Everything else is okay!
  4. Intel c612

    I imagine it should work fine–– just follow the X99 guides!
  5. Your best bet would be to find the cheapest Kepler card you can find with DisplayPort. The GTX 760 has such options–– maybe the GTX 660 too. The GTX 645 (OEM( which you can find on eBay for ~$50 is also a good option, as it has one displayport and works totally natively!
  6. Brumbaer, thanks again! Looking forward to hearing more about how the patch works. I just tried the patch, and can confirm this also works for a 12 core xeon v3 that did not boot in the past. My guess is that this patch opens the door for the rest of the V3 Xeons that haven't worked in the past, such as 14 core chips and beyond.
  7. Good point on the binary patch possibility. It will also be worth documenting this fix for the future–– we might be moving on to 10.12 soon!
  8. Wow, you may have finally solved this long standing issue for hundreds (thousands?) of people. Could you say a little more about this IOPCIFamily.Kext? Is this the 10.9.5 kext compiled against 10.11?
  9. Wow! Brumbaer, what's different about the IOPCIFamily kext that you compiled?
  10. Xeon V3's do work, but some have trouble with PCI configuration during booting, which causes a hang. V3 4-6 cores seem to have no problem booting in El Capitan. V3 12 cores work in some circumstances. A 2690V3 I've tested does not work in El Capitan, but other 12 cores have had success. V3 14 cores+, no reports of successfully booting in El Capitan. However, if you're willing to stick with Yosemite for a while, there are several guides you can follow that should work for any Xeon V3. If you can wait, I'd hold out for June and see if there is an update to the Mac Pro. If they do add support for the C612/X99 chipset this summer X99, Core i7, Xeon V3 and V4 should get much smoother for any CPU. @Balamut, have you tested any Xeon V4 CPUs? Where do they hang at the boot loader? Presumably a patched kernel should get the V4's up and running just as well as the current V3's?
  11. Interesting, that's really strange–– So you're saying you got a halt at PCI Configuration Begin when installing from scratch, but taking a system that already has 10.11.4 installed booted right to the desktop with an E5-2697? Any idea what changed when booting the fourth time? If you continue to try to boot can you get passed PCI Configuration Begin?
  12. Have you tried building the kext against mavericks sources? Does the same error occur?
  13. Hmm, maybe Apple will supply it if you ask nicely? How are you supposed to compile this source if it is dependent on things that Apple doesn't release?
  14. Broadwell-EP

    Broadwell-EP (Xeons) are already out... You may be thinking about Broadwell-E, which isn't expected till June.
  15. Broadwell-EP

    Hi all, Anyone try one of the new Broadwell-EP CPUs yet with any success?