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  1. I didnt know where else to put this.. How to remove mac infections in less than 2 mins. Dont pay someone to do it.. So easy 1. go to system pref. 2. Go to accounts 3. login items 4. Click the Virus "Mac protector or defender" 5. Hit the - button 6. Restart 7. Go to applications and drag to trash Thats it.. If you wanna be more safe to get all the traces. Get some Anti virus and do full scan.. Other wise thats the best way. Esp. if you cant get all the updated from apple blocking such infections,, Just remove it.. I do it all the time at my job. Werd
  2. Yeah this Happened to me aswell, Ended up reinstalling and not updating.. Downside to not actually owning a mac.. I do not know a fix but I am sure there is one out there! But people on here dont like to supply help.. Ha
  3. This is the error I get on my machine that I had mac osx running great on before I had to reinstall it as my HDD was failing.. Let me know what you guys think will help.. Tried different bootloaders Attempting 10.6 hazard
  4. Advice for New build

    So let me know if this would be a good build asus sabertooth motherboard 24 gigs 4x6 pny ddr3 INTEL CORE I7 6 CORE PROCESSOR I7-970 3.20GHZ ATI RADEON HD 5970 2 tb Hdd So far I have the ram and motherboard. i7 next So should this be a easy build or should I switch something... Let me know so I dont waste to much time in frustration