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  1. can anybody give some advice?

    thanks for that info. I attempted to try that from the 10.4.3 and it appeared to set the default volume correctly but didn't change the boot sequence at all. I then tried it on the 10.4.5 volume and the 10.4.3 doesn't even show up as an option. it is mounted to the desktop though. very strange.
  2. can anybody give some advice?

    this may seem weird but here's the situation. I installed 10.4.4 on 2 partitions, updated one of them to 10.4.5. then I remembered that I had to use a 10.4.3 install to get some kext files for the sound to work. ok, got a good install of 10.4.5. I have XP on a partition with acronis bootloader on it. acronis goes to the 10.4.3 bootloader when I select the other os to boot from. I want to completely get rid of the 10.4.3 partition. but the darwin bootloader won't allow me to boot directly from the 10.4.5 partition. it goes to the 10.4.3 bootloader. When I make 10.4.5 the active partition, I get a "can't find suitable os" error message. Bottom line question is how do I make the 10.4.5 partition the osX boot partition so I can then get rid of the 10.4.3 partition?