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  1. iLenovo G550

    hi guys, first of all i want to thank you for your work. i got a almost perfect hackintosh running with my G550. But there is one issue whats driving me nuts. i cant get the hackintosh to show a correct status of the battery. I tried different versions of voodoobatteery.kext but without succeed. With the latest version of the kext the status of my battery is always showed as "100% charged". hope there will be a detailed guide soon , or the new boot cd^^. I dont know that to do? thx
  2. Leopard Installation Hang

    make a try with a different boot cd.
  3. Snow Leopard 10.6.3 retail and VirtualBox 4.0

    you could try it with vmware. i had no problems to install Mac 10.6 with updates in workstation. http://www.taranfx.com/how-to-install-snow...station-windows
  4. You should try to describe your problem more precisely. mac starts correct when youre starting it after beeing for a short time in windows?? How many times this had happened? Sometimes my hackintosh freezes at boot too, must not mean that the problem is based from beeing a long or short time in windows.
  5. there should be no problem about a tripleboot with only one HDD. I partitioned my hdd while Mac install in the GUID layout with 2 partitions (one in mac journaled, other in fat format). Quit mac install, bootet from windows 7 dvd, formated the fat partition to NTFS and installed it. After Win 7 Install i went back to Mac Os installation and after setup all i installed chameleon. Therefore i dont see a problem about a triple boot. just one more install to another partition. chameleon has no problems to handle this. Dont forget that there are many other steps for a proper install. Now i have Win7 and mac 10.6.6 running on my HDD.
  6. How to start up internet on osx?

    maybe your network card is not supported out of the box or you didnt install dirvers(kext) for it. First you need to know which network card (chip) youre using, then you have to find some kexts for it.
  7. [HELP] Sound 'n wifi

    Whats about an new install of the kext? Same problem?? Disappeared ->> deleted from the extensions folder?? Maybe you should try another kext for your soundcard.
  8. [HELP] Sound 'n wifi

    What do you mean with "After reboot it is no more driver sound"? Think you didnt get the sound sound to work, maybe you should try voodoohda.kext
  9. After setting all other things up i get anyway the same issue with the voodoobattery.kext. It seems that the kext is loaded by mac but the battery icon shows always 100% or always charging/charged. The Mac recognises removing the battery but replacing it shows the 100% again. With voodoobattery 1.2.1 ist almost the same but shows the condition: change now. I would like to get the correct information about the battery status. Are similar problems at other Lenovo G550 Hackintoshs?
  10. Help booting Mac OS X

    I had same problems but for me it helped to boot with the followed flags -f (reload all kernels) and -v (verbose mode). Cant you type before choosing boot Mac OS install -f -v ? To write symbol "-" type ß.
  11. Hi guys, hi have some questions about some problems after OS 10.6 installation. I followed this guide http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=218189 1) Many times after restart i get an bios booting error to check time and date (time and date are resetted). How can i fix this? 2) Furthermore i cant get the voodoobattery to work. on the one hand i have a battery status icon in the top bar but it only shows that the laptop is only charging. Therefore i cant get the information about the real battery status? Hopfe for some help THX