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    Intel 950GMA and Snow Leopard

    Hi, Could you help me out with this? I have a CoreDuo, Intel 950GMA laptop (Acer Aspire 5610) I was able to install SL but only "half way". It got to the "Installation failed" screen and then I'm totally stuck. I get the same error as you mentioned, blue then grey screen with a mouse cursor. I have the retail 10.6.3 Snow Leopard. What boot CD did you use to install? Did you use any special boot flags? How can I get beyond the grey screen with mouse cursor? thank you.
  2. Hi everyone, I've been trying for over a week to get this working. Tried posting in New Users Lounge and also spent a lot of time googling around. I have an Acer Aspire notebook. Intel Core Duo Intel 950 GMA graphics I've actually been able to go through the "first phase" install of Snow Leopard, but that's it. any attempt at booting the installed image on the hdd gets me stuck on a grey screen with a movable mouse pointer. One thing suggested during my searching around was that this might be due to a kernel problem. I've tried different boot CDs, different boot flags (arch=i386, cpus=1, etc) Nothing gets me over this hurdle. I had no issues going through the initial install up until the screen that says "installation failed" I've run out of ideas. Should I attempt to do a full reinstall? Does it matter which boot CD I use during install? I installed via the legacy empire efi CD. Thanks Ricardo
  3. Ricardo K.

    Where else can I get some help?

    thanks. can I try posting elsewhere now? Could you suggest an appropriate subforum?
  4. I'm not able to post in more specific areas of this forum, only the New Users Lounge, but it looks like my situation is kind of unique because I'm not really getting any responses. I have an Acer Aspire notebook. Intel Core Duo Intel 950 GMA graphics I've actually been able to go through the "first phase" install of Snow Leopard, but that's it. any attempt at booting the installed image on the hdd gets me stuck on a grey screen with a movable cursor pointer. I've spent days searching around and trying many different things, but no success. I've posted here and on tonymacx86. Nothing on either forum. I've run out of ideas. Is there somewhere else I can get help? Or maybe the chance to post in a more specific area in InsanelyMac? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  5. So here's an update of my experience so far... frustrating as everyone else I'm sure. Using legacy_efi boot CD I was able to go through the installation. I have a laptop, but the only way to go through installation was connecting an external monitor. I'm not exactly sure why. But the only way to get into installation is to use the external monitor. Otherwise my laptop screen simply just shows a black screen. I go through the standard SL installation, and at the end it claims that it failed since it's not able to restart. And that's where I've been stuck for days. I can use basically any of the boot CDs I've tried (I've probably burned 10 different ones), it recognizes the installation on the internal drive, and I can go ahead and boot from that. But then I just get stuck on a grey screen with a cursor. Sometimes I get the beach ball after a few minutes, but basically it never leaves this grey screen with a movable cursor. In searching around some more the information I can gather is that this grey screen with cursor happens to be a kernel issue. I don't know what kernel to try, and what kernel has been installed with my SL. Can a different kernel be tried via the boot string? How would I know which kernel to use and where to find it? Thanks Ricardo
  6. An update, I tried also the Inspiron6400 iso, and after swapping in the SL DVD, it starts to boot then kernel panics
  7. Hi, I first starting experimenting with VirtualBox and had no issues installing Snow Leopard. However it is virtually useless because it is so slow in VirtualBox So I decided to try and install on one of my laptops. I have an Acer Aspire 5610 Intel Core Duo T2350 Intel Graphics 950 I've spent a few hours reading up different topics, and tried a few different boot loaders. The SL retail DVD won't boot directly. I tried the same boot loader I used in VirtualBox (the legacy_empire efi) and although I'm able to boot the SL retail DVD, I basically get a grey screen and no graphics at all. I tried other boot loaders found in this forum (like boot-kabyl-bumby, osxloader) and none of them get me anywhere. I'm very new to this but am excited about the prospect of making it work. I didn't quite understand how to attempt getting any other flavors of boot-132 to work. Can someone help me out? I greatly appreciate it! thanks Ricardo
  8. Ricardo K.

    Install on VirtualBox 4.0.2

    Hi, I've installed 10.6.3 on VBox 4.0.2, Windows 7 host. I'm not able to get sound working, and also I only have 1024x768 available in the displays. Any tips on getting both of those working?
  9. Also, any idea on how to get the camera recognized? I have just successfully installed 10.6.3 on my Dell Vostro with a camera. Thanks for any help! Ricardo
  10. Hi How do I get more resolutions other than 1024x768?