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  1. Hi again. Jap, we do have the same problem with the insufficient info abaout internal... no EDID, no DDC... Got no time this weekend, so ill go on testing tomorrow. Right now i use the lion kexts for testing. With these i do have external VGA-screen running with Eulemur, Kipunji (both recognising the correct Benq DIsplay). It's also running with Vervet, Baboon, Hoolock, Langur (recognised as generic VGA)... if this info is of any use... Using the 10.6.6 kexts no FB works on either external or internal, just able to VNC in. Which kexts are u using? 10.6.6 or lion? Ill try using your encoder info and report asap. btw: i think sense id has to be 01 or 02 because of the active backlight on my testing so far. Greets
  2. Hi! You can easily switch between framebuffers with this bootflag: AtiConfig=FB where FB is your desired Framebuffer (i.e. Shrike, Peregrine etc..) I think its case sensitive (pls. correct me, if not) For this method you'll need a bootloader, which can handle this (i.e. cham RC 5 Ati .748) and bootflag GraphicsEnabler=Yes You can find the Hex-binary for Shrike-FB in muchas textfiles. Open the ATIFramebuffer binary in Hex-Edit an search for your desired connector-entry. As mucha desribed, you'll find this twice (one for 32-bit one for 64). The different connector digits should follow one after another. I think, these look just the way they should. What do you mean by "weird"? Greets, Kokosnuss
  3. Hey yanghy, think i'm stuck at nearly the same piont as you are. My Sony is a VPCEB3C5 with the same Video / Display Properties. So therefore my radeondump looks exactly the same I tried to get the 5650 on internal screen just like checco and atlee described here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...t=#entry1652125 and i managed to get the external VGA-Display working (like checco described with 2 Screens found and divided Display and so on). So far so good. But after trying different FBs, i got stuck on this. What seems strange ist, that on most external-working FBs, the Backlight of internal LCD is on, but black. Same for you? So the internal gets kinda signal... but something is missing. Therefore i found muchas guide and am willing to try and test, but need more help with this. How do i know which connectortype, AtyControlFlag, SenseID etc. my lappy has or where can i find this? We're so close, there is just little to get going. Let's do this together! Thx Kokosnussrasierer