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  1. I have the same problem, I hope that in future updates, this problem will be solved... But newbie question: what is QE/CI?
  2. Yes I use the Golden Master release... I have sent you a pm
  3. Thank you a lot, it works perfectly But I think is much easier to do this steps into an usb key, so if you have to install again Lion, you have only to install the OS than you have only to delete the PlatformSupport.plist...
  4. Hello, I have followed your steps but I can't understand these two... I have watched the video until minute 6 and I have done every step, after that I have overwrited the 2 files you have attached... but after that I'm lost... I have seen the 'PlatformSupport.plist' file in the new partition in Mac OS X Base System\System\Library\CoreServices\com.apple.recovery.boot, but even if I delete the PlatformSupport.plist file and I try to install from the new partition, it doesn't work because the program says that is corrupt. Have I done something wrong? Sorry for newbie question...